The IRS recently announced 2020 deferral limits affecting 401K retirement plans and other qualified savings vehicles. Most notable, the year 2020 will see an increase to both the deferral limit and the catch-up limit. IRA contribution and catch-up limits will remain unchanged for the second year in a row. Please refer to the table below for other adjustments.


401(k) Related Limits 2019 2020
401(k) Elective Deferrals $19,000 $19,500
401(k) Catch-up Contribution $6,000 $6,500
415 Annual Additions Limit $56,000 $57,000
Annual Compensation Limit $280,000 $285,000
Social Security Taxable Wage Base $132,900 $137,700
Non-401(k) Related Limits
403(b) Elective Deferrals $19,000 $19,500
403(b) Catch-up Contribution $6,000 $6,500
SIMPLE Deferrals $13,000 $13,500
SIMPLE Catch-up Contribution $3,000 $3,000
IRA Contribution $6,000 $6,000
IRA Catch-up Contribution $1,000 $1,000


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