Karen is a Client Relationship Coordinator. 

Get to know Karen.


Karen’s ability to connect easily with others and anticipate needs makes her the perfect person to serve SYM’s clients and her teammates. She loves getting to know clients uncommonly well and being part of a team that puts others first.


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME

Master of Arts in Sociology – Indiana University, Bloomington, IN


Volunteer, Creative 360

Karen ‘s Words to Live By

Be intentional about learning something from every person you meet, every interaction you have, and every situation you find yourself in. Every moment offers something.  Look for it.

Personal Pursuits

I love most of what the natural world has to offer, but my favorite place in the entire world is a small private cove on Westport Island, Maine. That place humbles me and makes me burst with gratitude at the same time. It is there I am connected to all things greater than myself. My bucket list includes finding other places that come close.

I spend as much time with my adult children as I can. I also enjoy dabbling in a variety of creative endeavors, from writing to art in various mediums, to music. I read as much as time allows and love to read aloud to all who will listen. While the athlete in me isn’t as young or competitive as she used to be, I still challenge myself in a number of athletic pursuits including running, biking, hiking, rowing, paddleboarding… well, you get the idea!!  I strive to keep moving and to keep growing!