At SYM Financial Advisors, our relationships with our clients are the driving force of our business. An independent, fee-based Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we provide full-service wealth management, portfolio management, and retirement plan management services to our valued clients throughout the United States. To deliver the highest possible level of customer service, our trusted advisors are located in five offices across the region. Contact us to explore how we can help you achieve uncommon results.


 New South Bend Office Location:  Leighton Plaza Office Building, 130 S. Main St, Suite 325, South Bend. 

Your Portfolio and Presidential Elections

Presidential elections in the United States are storied events which often culminate with a fresh face in office and a large new voice in American policy. Read more >>>

Best Advisors for Doctors

With decades of experience in the comprehensive planning needs and unique earning cycle of physicians, dentists and other medical professionals, our advisors are proud to be listed in Medical Economics’ directory of Best Financial Advisors for Doctors.


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