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Private Investments

A SYM Financial Offering 

Aligning with the right managers makes the key difference in this challenging space.

In the world of alternative and private investments, there is a wide dispersion of returns from the top quartile to the bottom quartile.

Simply being in the asset class doesn’t enhance your portfolio alone.  

Our time-tested methods suggest SYM knows how to curate these complex portfolios effectively, and we believe adding such exposure over the long term can enhance portfolios for the right clients.

  • Fee-only fiduciary. No employee is paid on commission.
  • Established strategies with long-tenured managers.
  • Lower investment minimums for qualified purchasers. 
  • Take advantage of private equity and debt opportunities.
  • Investment transparency.

What is Private Investment Access?

This is access to alternative asset classes that exist outside of publicly traded stocks, bonds, and cash investments.  There are approximately 17,000 private businesses with annual revenues of $100 million that fall into this category, and we selectively seek to invest in those opportunities in our alternate investment portfolios.

For the right investor, we provide opportunities to invest alongside the same insiders who provided Facebook, Spotify, Google and Zoom with growth capital in the early years before their public offerings.

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We align with some of the industry's best talent to seize the most promising opportunities in the market each vintage year. The same investments that are historically favored by university endowments are now available to SYM client households.

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Attractive Point of Entry

SYM covers the minimums private funds impose so you can take smaller bites. With the benefit of SYM's collective level of investments, you gain access to strategies with a smaller allocation from your household than is customary in the industry.

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An Uncommon Relationship

Focused on investing and not speculating, we stay dedicated to your plan, considering your liquidity needs and preferences in order to curate your customized portfolio.

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Long-term Value Creation

Private Investments are an eligible tool utilized in the same investment philosophy that SYM has refined over 50 years. We seek return enhancement on investments which aren't needed for many years. And for funds with shorter holding periods, we seek alternative investments that complement the interest rate sensitivity driving public bond investments.