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Cover art for the podcast "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." The background features dynamic, abstract white lines on a green backdrop, symbolizing corporate work culture. "EP13 Mauro Gregorio" is positioned at the bottom, with an upward-pointing arrow incorporated in the design.

The Secret to a Successful Business Culture with Mauro Gregorio (podcast)

Mauro Gregorio joins me to describe Dow’s corporate work culture, diversity and inclusion program, and welcoming atmosphere. He recounts his first job and responsibilities at Dow and what he learned while holding an entry-level position. He explains the importance of humility, asking for help, and ensuring someone is there to help. Mauro also discusses how the pandemic initiated changes in the workplace—particularly in how we work—and how it disrupted the way we value work relationships.

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A man wearing a dark blazer and light blue shirt is smiling in front of a background with abstract swirl designs. The text on the image reads, “Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders. 'Executive leadership means being strong enough to be okay with being questioned.' - Greg Marken.”

What It Takes to Lead a Team with Greg Marken (podcast)

Greg Marken is the President, CEO, and Treasurer at Advanced Emissions Solutions (ADES). ADES works with municipal water, coal-fired power generation clients, and other industries by providing emissions control and water purification solutions. Greg has been at the helm of ADES since July 2020. He also serves as a manager on the Board of Managers of Tinuum Group and as a manager and officer of other ADES subsidiaries. He has over 15 years of experience

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Image shows the cover art for an episode of a podcast titled "The Owner's Corner." The background features geometric shapes in blue, green, purple, and pink. In the bottom left corner, the SYM Financial Advisors logo is displayed. "EP9 Scott and Zach Tucker discuss their family farm business" is at the bottom right.

Multigenerational Family Business Success with Scott and Zach Tucker (podcast)

Scott Tucker is a board member and the Co-President of Maple Leaf Farms, a multi-generational family-owned company and America’s leading producer of quality duck products. A third-generation family member, Scott began working in the company as a teenager. Today, as Co-President, he leads operations, quality assurance, live production, distribution, and the National Duck Council. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Purdue University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the

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A woman with short brown hair, wearing a dark blazer over a blue top and a necklace, smiles at the camera. The background features a light abstract design. Text on the image reads: "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders" and "Julie Fasone Holder: 'You can't change your brand if you don’t know what that is.'" This podcast offers insights from influential corporate women.

Finding Your Brand with Julie Fasone Holder (podcast)

Julie Fasone Holder is the woman behind JFH Insights, an executive coaching business that supports leaders and influencers in developing advanced leadership strengths and bringing more value to the companies they represent. Before founding JFH Insights, Julie was the former Senior Vice President of Dow Chemical. With Dow, Julie accumulated extensive experience running multi-billion-dollar business portfolios. She also spent a few years running public and government affairs for them. Julie joins me today to describe

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A man in a suit and tie stands confidently with arms crossed in front of a graphic background featuring arrows. The text reads "EXECUTIVE DECISIONS: A Podcast for Business Leaders," highlighting the journey of a corporate executive rising to the top, and includes a quote about creating an environment for feedback. The name "Sebastian Soria" is also shown.

What It Truly Takes to Rise to the Top with Sebastian Soria (podcast)

http:// Sebastian Soria is the Vice President and Total Rewards Officer at Newmont Corporation—one of the world’s leading gold, copper, silver, lead, and zinc producers. The company is notably the only gold producer in the S&P 500 Index and is recognized as a champion for ESG practices. Sebastian has over 28 years of experience in the financial industry, spending over 26 years with Dow in various leadership roles, including human resources and compensation. He holds

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A promotional graphic for "The Owner's Corner" podcast, episode 8 featuring Jeff Taner discussing key insights on C Corp structures. The background is a geometric design with shades of blue, green, and pink. The SYM Financial Advisors logo is in the bottom left corner.

Understanding Taxes for Different Business Structures with Jeff Taner (podcast)

Jeff Taner is a certified public accountant and Managing Partner of DWD CPAs & Advisors, a firm that offers tailored assurance, tax, and accounting services for businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations. Jeff has been serving DWD CPAs & Advisors for over 40 years. After graduating from Indiana University at Fort Wayne with a degree in Business Accounting, Jeff began his career in the company in 1982 and became a partner in 1996. In 2009, Jeff

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Image of Tom Ackmann, Senior Retirement Plan Advisor at SYM Financial Advisors, smiling. A quote reads, "Understand that as your business evolves, your retirement plans evolve, too." Branding in top left corner reads "The Owner's Corner.

Retirement Plans and How to Make Them Work with Tom Ackmann (podcast)

Tom Ackmann is a principal and senior retirement plan advisor at SYM Financial Advisors, an RIA firm with a long history of serving plan sponsors and their employees. He previously worked as the Vice President of Baden Retirement Plan Services and the Vice President for Ascensus. At SYM, Tom leads a team that advises over 100 corporate clients and 10,000 participants. Tom holds a degree in Communications/Political Science from Concordia University Chicago. Tom joins me

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A well-dressed man wearing glasses and a suit, seated with a confident posture. The image includes text: "EXECUTIVE DECISIONS: A Podcast for Business Leaders," and a quote, "Every single contribution, every single moment of my intentional giving meant some difference to one person." - Jimmy Greene.

Having Intentionality with Each Contribution with Jimmy Greene (podcast)

Jimmy Greene is the President & CEO of Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Michigan, a trade association representing Michigan’s commercial and industrial construction industries. He is the first Black CEO in the organization’s 60-year history. Jimmy is also the founder of Total Solutions Group in Saginaw, a firm specializing in technology project consulting and telecommunications. Before becoming the President of the ABC of Michigan, he served as president and CEO of Associated Builders &

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An image promoting the "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders" features a stylized graphic of arrows pointing upward. The quote by Paul Barbeau, "When you're starting, every voice has an impact on the culture," is prominently displayed on the lower half, emphasizing his insight.

Executive Decisions – Building A Company Culture from Scratch with Paul Barbeau (podcast)

Paul Barbeau is the Senior Global Director at Dow, a material science company that provides innovative and sustainable solutions for consumer care, infrastructure, and packaging businesses. Paul collaborates with various business leaders to improve existing workplace strategies with employee experience, asset optimization, and sustainability in mind. He is also the Director at 1st State Bank, a banking company that focuses on helping businesses grow in the Great Lakes Bay area. Paul joins me to explain

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A man in a suit and tie is featured with the text "EXECUTIVE DECISIONS: A Podcast for Business Leaders." Below is a quote from Fernando Signorini: "You're not going to have insight if your mind is not balanced.

Executive Decisions – Networking Beyond Your Role As Leader with Fernando Signorini (podcast)

Fernando Signorini is the Vice President of Operations US Gulf Coast and Site Director of Texas Operations at Dow, a chemical manufacturing company that’s been around for over 125 years. They’re currently spearheading programs for a more sustainable future. Fernando has been with Dow for almost 28 years, and his vast experience made him an expert in business processes, planning, plant operations, and strategic sourcing. Fernando joins me to discuss what it means to be

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