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By definition, a financial planner is a qualified investment professional who works with individuals and corporations with the goal of sustaining and growing wealth to meet long-term financial objectives.

A financial advisor helps guide decision-making so you can get the most from your finances and assets. If you are going through major financial decisions, a financial advisor is likely the most competent person to help you through it.

Working with a financial advisor is essential in achieving your goals. A financial advisor will use a well-established and proven process to build strategies to help reach your goals.

SYM Financial Advisors aim to understand your priorities and act as lifelong partners to guide you through financial decisions (big and small) that keep your goals on track. SYM Financial has been serving the Indiana and Indianapolis area for over 40 years.

Do You Really Need A Financial Advisor?

Planning for your future and handling your finances doesn’t have to be difficult; you don’t have to do it alone.

Whether you need to make a significant financial decision, prepare for your child’s education, work toward retirement security, or plan your estate, financial advisors can help you immensely.

When it comes to your financial future, you should not leave it to chance nor address it with an off-the-shelf plan. We at SYM Financial Indianapolis aim to work with you and provide a financial plan that’s uniquely applicable to you.

We take into consideration your financial and personal priorities and use our knowledge to save, protect and grow your finances.

Asking the Right Questions

Our financial advisors know what questions to ask to get an accurate financial picture. To target your unique financial goals, we bring expertise, credentials, and genuine concern to the equation.

We consider all the important parts of the financial equation – your work, personal life, hobbies, lifestyle, etc. so we can get the whole picture and build an efficient financial plan.

Wealth Planning

Each person’s financial picture is unique. So, we make sure to produce personalized financial plans and strategies for our clients.

Significant events in life challenge one’s financial stance. Marriage, pregnancy, change of occupation, retirement, divorce or loss of a loved one – all these life events make one’s finances very fluid.

Our financial advisors collaborate with you – from tax, retirement planning, risk assessment, inheritance, etc. and come up with strategic financial plans to prepare you not only for retirement age but for major events along the way. Contact us to talk with an independent personal financial advisor here in Indianapolis.

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9100 Keystone Crossing #560,
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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The SYM team’s expertise runs deep and wide with designations like CFA®, CFP®, CAIA®, CPA, PFS, FPQP™, MBA, MA, MS, JD, and AIF®. We believe our firm represents some of the best professionals in the industry, bringing our street smarts and book smarts to you.

To discuss your options with a SYM financial advisor in the Indianapolis area, feel free to reach us at (317) 848-2180.

Creating a Financial Buffer

A solid financial plan can bring financial peace. A financial advisor plans for the spending needs you have today and the growth you’ll need for spending in the future.

SYM financial advisors go above and beyond the scope of the assets managed. We can collaborate with other professional service providers and proactively work towards your best interests.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A financial advisor needs to know you well to be able to come up with accurate financial plans and strategies suited for your goals. Generic financial plans just won’t do.

We believe that risk tolerance, lifestyle choices, giving and retirement goals are essential priorities to discuss to develop an advisor-client relationship that works. Our financial advisors take the time to know you uncommonly well so that we can come up with a tailor-made investment plan specifically applicable to you.

SYM financial advisors take the extra mile to get to know clients well – you will feel the difference. Since its founding in 1968, SYM’s business model and people-centered culture has provided clients with goal-based, realistic, and comprehensive financial planning services.


Short-term and Long term Goals

We help you impact your financial goals not just by looking ahead, but also by looking around the corners. Life is unpredictable and has a way of throwing us surprises. Short-term goals may become long-term goals and vice versa. When things change, we work alongside you to help you adjust your financial goals accordingly. Our team of financial advisors and planners in Indianapolis will be happy to walk you through the basics of planning for a stable financial journey.

Portfolio Management for You

SYM Financial is an independent firm not associated with any parent company. We act independently in our investment selection and are driven by what is in your best-interest (not outside custodial influences).

Our Portfolio Management Committee chooses investments and cost-effective solutions objectively. Our financial advisors practice a long-term investment philosophy that involves research-driven strategies, portfolio rebalancing and tax strategies. Portfolio management doesn’t have to be complicated. Let our competent and licensed financial advisors take the burden off your shoulders.

Why Work with SYM?

We work from a business model that produces the best possible results for our clients. SYM is a fiduciary which means our financialadvisors are bound to act in your best interest before anything else. SYM provides fee transparency. We want you to know what you are paying. No hidden commissions. Get in touch with SYM Financial Advisors Warsaw and see the difference.

Service – Not Sales

SYM is a commission-free, independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Unlike brokers or banks who are compensated by the sale of investment products, we prioritize high-quality, personalized service from our financial advisors. Our only motivation is to do and offer what’s best for your financial plan.

What are Registered Investment Advisors?

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) have clear fee structures.  SYM charges fees on a percentage of assets or a flat fee.

RIAs commit to a fiduciary standard that requires them to act in the client’s best interest. They must disclose to you if they take commissions as it can conflict with that fiduciary oath.  SYM does not take commissions.

Keeping Up With Market Trends

The investment market can be unpredictable. SYM Financial acknowledges the fact that when it comes to investments and wealth management, even the most well-laid plan may need adjustments over time.

We work to protect your finances and investments by striving to anticipate unplanned market events and developments. Financial advisors are responsible for ongoing and regular analysis of your financial plan to ensure that directives stay on track.

Who We Serve

SYM financial advisors work with people from all walks of life. It is our goal to make each client aware of where they stand financially now to prepare them for a stable and successful future.

Corporate Executives

We help with equity-based compensation, retirement planning, and deliver actionable analysis of your stock options..

Medical and Dental Professionals

Talk to us about risk-policy analysis, debt repayment navigation, and practice ownership strategies.

Business Owners

Starting or maintaining a business entails important decision-making. SYM Financial collaborates with CPAs, lawyers, and other professionals to work towards your best interest, and succession planning begins earlier than you may think.

Retirement Plan Sponsors

SYM Financial Advisors provides 401(k) and retirement plan consulting services to plan sponsors across the United States. We work with you by collaborating with other professional resources, educating your employees and assuming fiduciary responsibility.

Non-profit Investment Consulting

SYM financial advisors act as a fiduciary manager dedicated to assist the board and executive team in making informed decisions. We guide organizations to get the impact they seek from its investments. We implement structured processes to address fiduciary liability, improve administrative efficiency and help protect trustees.

Acquiring the services of a financial advisor now is the first step to making your wealth work for you. SYM Financial has a broad team of financial advisors who are experienced in helping people turn their goals into action.

At SYM, we are with you through the financial complexities of life and help you take the best steps in your desired direction.

We construct plans that use your wealth in the most strategic ways possible to achieve your goals as they change. Your personalized plan will be made up of small, actionable tasks guided by a team of professionals.

We believe that uncommon relationships produce uncommon results, and we work each day in that belief to produce uncommonly good results for our clients.