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Asking the right questions for

Wealth Planning

Portfolio Management

Employer Retirement Plans 

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Independent, commission-free fiduciary

55+ years serving clients

Fast Facts on SYM

Infographic for SYM displaying company facts: Founded in 1968, 16 employee shareholders, 1968 employee-owned, 1660 clients, 114 retirement plans managed, 5 offices, 39 designations, $4.1B AUM, 75 employees, 98.2% client retention rate. Includes images of team members.
Uncommon relationships.

Our financial advisors ask the right questions to bring clarity to your financial picture. We bring expertise, credentials and genuine care together to build a financial plan that targets your unique retirement goals. Taking all the important components of your investments, your work and your life into account, we advise on the whole picture.

Uncommon results.

We believe that our business model produces the best possible results for clients. SYM is a fiduciary. That means we are bound to act in your best interest before ours. We provide fee transparency. You will always know what you are paying, no hidden commissions. Founded in 1968, we have seen a lot of outcomes and the strategies we employ come from that experience.

Advising individuals, families, and businesses.

Hear from our clients about why they chose to work with SYM.

Financial planning. Strategic assessments. Investment management.

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Pre-Retirees & Retirees

  • Financial Plans
  • Retirement Confidence Assessment
  • Tax, Investment, Estate and Risk Review
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Medical and Dental

  • Risk Policy Analysis
  • Debt Repayment Navigation
  • Practice Ownership Strategies
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Business Owners

  • Succession Planning
  • Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Provisions For Death Or Disability
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Corporate Executives

  • Stock option analysis
  • Equity-based compensation
  • Retirement preparation
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A diverse group of professionals are seated around a conference table engaged in a discussion. A woman with short gray hair and glasses is speaking and gestures with her hands. They have various documents and coffee cups in front of them.

Retirement Plan Sponsors

  • Plan selection and implementation
  • Plan monitoring and testing
  • Employee benefit education
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Nonprofits & Foundations

  • Investment consulting
  • Fiduciary service model
  • Defined and tested compliance process
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Meet the man behind the curtain.

Because SYM is an independent firm not controlled by any parent company, Andy Popenfoose, leads a team that is free to look all over the world for the best investments for our clients. The intensity of the research and analysis it entails, tends to keep Andy behind the curtain.

In these short videos, he steps in front of the camera to give you his insight and SYM’s best thinking behind your investment portfolio.

A man wearing a navy blue suit and white shirt stands in front of a blurred background with a television screen. He is gesturing with his hands close together, appearing to be in mid-speech.

Women’s Initiative

Learn more about our Women’s Initiative where women come together to gain financial insight and strategies with a tribe of brilliant women. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Michelle Hipskind leads this carefully curated program. She educates on the many important aspects of financial planning and brings in additional professionals that provide advice in their areas of expertise, giving members access to the appropriate professionals that can help solve the problems many women face. In-person events are held in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Webinars and blogs are available for all women who want to be part of the initiative.

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Download something tangible on what we do and how we do It.

A Look Inside

Take a peek at our company culture. 

To have SYM Financial Advisors work for you in Midland, Fort Wayne, Mishawaka, Warsaw, and Indianapolis areas call 800-888-7968 or email info@sym.com. Meet The SYM Team and View Bios.

The SYM Financial Checklist

This list is a great place to start.  It can help you organize your financial picture. 

When you see gaps in your plan, or simply have questions, we want to hear from you.  Reach out to us.

A financial checklist image featuring icons for saving and spending, wealth-building and investing, protection, and giving. The bottom section includes people and a hand writing, with the text "The Financial Checklist You Need" and the SYM Financial Advisors logo.

What Makes SYM Different

A minimalist black and white illustration of two hands grasping each other, symbolizing support or solidarity, enclosed in a circular border.

Service Not Sales

We are a commission-free, independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) – not a bank or broker compensated by the sale of investment products. SYM’s only “product” is high-touch, personalized service, so our only motivation is to do what’s best for you.

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That’s Deep

The SYM team’s expertise runs deep and wide with designations like CFA®, CFP®, CAIA®, CPA, FPQP™, MBA, MA, MS, JD and AIF®. This means our financial advisors represent some of the best in the industry, bringing our street smarts and book smarts to you.

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We Own It

SYM pursues the best talent out there, then we give them a path to career growth and ownership. That means lifelong relationships and continuity for our clients, and employee-owners who are personally invested in creating a remarkable client experience.

 *  SYM Financial Corporation ‘SYM’ is an independent investment advisor registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended. SYM ranked #96 in top fee-only RIA by COMPLY in 2023. This rating is not representative of a client’s experience and is not indicative of future performance. SYM did not pay COMPLY a fee for inclusion in the rankings and data is based on 2023 ADV filings. 

The opinions expressed herein are those of SYM Financial Corporation (“SYM”) and are subject to change without notice. This material is not financial advice or an offer to sell any product. SYM reserves the right to modify its current investment strategies and techniques based on changing market dynamics or client needs. SYM is an independent investment adviser registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. More information about SYM including our investment strategies, fees, and objectives can be found in our ADV Part 2, which is available upon request.