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Marriage, Divorce & Family

A person in a yellow jacket carrying a large backpack stands on a rocky and grassy terrain, looking out into the distance where heavy fog obscures the view of distant mountains.

Planning in Advance of Grief and Loss” Podcast Part 2

In this podcast, we continue the discussion of documenting your family financial information for the benefit of survivors when families experience death or incapacitating illness, with a step-by-step plan for creating a financial inventory in case of emergency. Featuring Andy Popenfoose and Sarah Delahanty of SYM.

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A man sits in a deck chair, observing the scene as a woman stands with a spoon and fork, feeding their child who is seated in a highchair. This depiction perfectly encapsulates the sandwich generation, balancing caring for both young children and overseeing family activities.

Sandwich Generation: Creating the Right Support Team

In a national study of Sandwich Generation Women, creating a good support team as soon as possible was identified as an important key to helping an individual successfully navigate this challenging stage of life.   Key Team Members Financial Advisor  There are many varieties of financial advisors and their differences are significant.   Our study of Sandwich Generation Women revealed a strong preference for a fiduciary wealth manager who acts as a “quarterback,” coordinating all advisors on

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Two people shaking hands in an outdoor setting. Both individuals are shown from the wrist down. The left person, with nails painted purple, is wearing a black sleeve, while the right person is holding a brown bag and some papers related to disability insurance. Flowers are blurred in the background.

Disability Insurance: an Overview

When it comes to issues of health-related financial risk, the importance of disability insurance is often sorely underrated.  In reality, holding a less-than-appropriate amount of disability insurance can be just as financially devastating as purchasing the improper amount of life insurance.  However, disability insurance receives much less airtime from the financial media and other “experts”.    What is it? Disability insurance protects against the interruption of income due to illness or injury. Because many employers offer

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