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Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell

Retirement Plan Advisor

Jamie joined SYM in early 2015 as a Retirement Plan Advisor. Having worked in the retirement plan industry for over 30 years, she has a wide range of experience in advisory, accounting and oversight roles, with a particular focus on the administrative aspect of retirement plans. She provides support and guidance within a team framework to SYM’s qualified plan clients throughout the region.



International Business College, Fort Wayne IN


Volunteer, Mustard Seed Furniture Bank

Jamie’s Words to Live By

On my wedding day, my grandmother gave me this advice: “Be honest with each other, respect each other, and love will continue to follow naturally.”

Personal Pursuits

I’m a hot weather person, so I’d prefer to be anywhere warm (and under 85° is freezing). Though my husband and I love entertaining friends and family all year long, our warm-weather backyard makes entertaining in the summer that much more enjoyable. We are delighted to watch everyone swim in the pool, fish in the pond, or just play yard games. We cherish the simple moments of sitting with our feet in the pool and catching up with family or friends, and we look forward to having our four grandkids spend the weekend with us.

I also enjoy golfing with my husband, following the NFL, and oddly enough, I love, love, love, spending the 4 hours it takes to cut my lawn. I call it “me, God, and my iPod time.” The neighbors, on the other hand, call it “bad karaoke day.”

Get Jamie’s Help

As life events and stages demand adjustments to your financial plan, SYM’s mission is to proactively attend to your financial realities as your advocate so that you can focus on relationships and enjoying life. To have SYM Financial Advisors Fort Wayne work for you call 800-888-7968 or email