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2022 IRS limits announced

The IRS recently announced 2022 limits affecting retirement plans and other qualified savings vehicles. Most notable, the year 2022 will see a change to the deferral limit but no change to the catch-up limit. Please refer to the table below for other adjustments.

401(k) Related Limits 2022 2021
401(k) Elective Deferrals $20,500 $19,500
401(k) Catch-up Contribution $6,500 $6,500
415 Annual Additions Limit $61,000 $58,000
Annual Compensation Limit $305,000 $290,000
Social Security Taxable Wage Base $147,000 $142,800
Non-401(k) Related Limits
403(b) Elective Deferrals $20,500 $19,500
403(b) Catch-up Contribution $6,500 $6,500
SIMPLE Deferrals $14,000 $13,500
SIMPLE Catch-up Contribution $3,000 $3,000
IRA Contribution $6,000 $6,000
IRA Catch-up Contribution $1,000 $1,000

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