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Winona Lake Office

A woman with shoulder-length blonde hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black cardigan over a white top, accessorized with a beaded necklace and silver hoop earrings. The background features framed artwork and greenery.

Julie Shepherd

Julie Shepherd Principal and Client Service Manager Julie has more than 13 years of experience in the Client Service Representative role and now manages the client service team across its five offices. Her favorite part of the job is focusing on the SYM client experience. She thrives on serving uncommonly well. She has a genuine heart for servanthood and feels that SYM is a special kind of family that lives this value. Winona Lake, IN

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A smiling woman with short blonde hair and glasses stands in front of a white curtain background. She is wearing a leopard print top.

Tami Hartman

Tami Hartman Lead Trader Tami has nearly three decades of experience working in the financial services industry and brings a specialty in trust operations.  She has a knack for cutting through complexity and finding the most efficient way to accomplish a task. She brings a creative and caring touch to all that she does. Winona Lake, IN thartman@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a double concentration in Women and African-American Studies – Indiana

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Tyler Todd

Tyler Todd Senior Compliance/Operations Specialist In his role as Compliance and Operations Specialist, Tyler draws from his experience in the financial services and construction industries. He’s committed to keeping the firm and its employees compliant, and he’s passionate about finding the most efficient and effective processes. Tyler’s always willing to help wherever needed. Winona Lake, IN ttodd@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Augustana College, Rock Island, IL Community Member, Board of Trustees

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bio photo of Kristen Watson

Kristen Watson

Kristen Watson Senior Financial Planner Kristen is very intuitive and detail oriented. Her favorite part of the job is being able to combine her analytical and interpersonal skills. She loves how this job enables her to help SYM clients achieve their financial goals while being able to form relationships with them. She is grateful for a SYM culture that allows her to grow each and every day as a better person, professional, and coworker. Winona

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photo of Kelly Furnival

Kelly Furnivall

Kelly Furnivall Kelly Furnivall Corporate Administrative Assistant A former teacher, Kelly brings attention to detail and a willingness to serve others to SYM everyday. She enjoys developing uncommon relationships with clients as well as the with her co-workers. Her goal is to make clients feel engaged, heard, and respected. Winona Lake, IN kfurnivall@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration on Language Arts – Grace College and Theological Seminary Community Big Sister

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A woman with straight, shoulder-length blonde hair is smiling directly at the camera. She is wearing a dark blazer over a dark red top and a silver necklace. The background is softly blurred, highlighting her face.

Jodie Wolfe

Jodie Wolfe Jodie Wolfe Senior Client Service Representative Jodie brings efficiency and attention to detail in the work that she performs. In addition to serving clients, she supports the CEO and is our specialist for the SYM Asset Management offering. Her favorite part of her job is that she is constantly learning different facets of the financial industry.  She loves getting to know her clients beyond the computer. Winona Lake, IN jwolfe@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of

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