Logo for SYM Financial Advisors featuring the text "SYM" in large green font and "FINANCIAL ADVISORS" in smaller gray font. There is a graphic of two green, swooping lines beneath "SYM." The background is white.


Cover art for "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders," episode 21 featuring Matt Stevens. It shows a man in a suit and red tie, smiling, with a green background, white swirls, and a yellow upward arrow.

From Frogman to CEO: How Special Ops Skills Translate to Corporate Success with Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens transitioned from the U.S. Navy in July 2017 after serving for 26 years as a SEAL. He attended The Honor Foundation’s (THF) inaugural East Coast class in the Spring of 2016, joined the THF SOF Advisory Board in the Spring of 2017, and then joined THF’s Board of Directors in February 2018. Throughout his career, Matt served as a Special Operations Executive leading high-performing teams conducting our nation’s most sensitive operations, cultivating interagency

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