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Women’s Initiative

An older woman with short gray hair, a female investor in a black suit, is speaking while two younger colleagues, a woman in a light blue shirt and a man with a beard, listen attentively. They appear to be in a professional setting.

Building Financial Intelligence for the Female Investor

Perhaps you, like many women, have 1001 tasks on your plate, like managing your career, raising children, and caring for aging loved ones.  Those responsibilities can push financial decision making to the bottom of your to-do list. Growing your financial knowledge allows you to protect yourself – both for your ideal retirement, and in the case of unexpected life events.  Building relationships with professionals you trust and gaining a working understanding of financial planning basics

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A promotional banner for "Estate Planning for Women" event on Thursday, August 18. Features two women smiling at each other, with text offering wine, appetizers, and strategies. Hosted by SYM Financial Advisors, with Gabby Tucker and Michelle Hipskind listed as hosts.

Estate Planning Answers for Women

Inheritance can be a blessing or sometimes a curse. Consider what is being left to you, as well as what you are leaving behind. Join the conversation with women who are navigating the complexities of planning for children, parents and themselves.

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A person in a white long-sleeve shirt and black pants is shaking hands with another person whose arm is visible. The background is bright and softly lit, suggesting a professional or formal setting.

How Women Negotiating Salary Compensation Can Get What They Deserve

Asking for more pay at work is not easy for most people. But when it comes to women negotiating salary increases, it appears to be especially challenging. Despite what some politicians and media personalities may lead you to believe, the gender pay gap is very real. Here are hard facts to prove it. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:[1] The median weekly earnings of full-time workers in the fourth quarter of

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A woman with long dark hair, wearing a red top and a black necklace, smiles at the camera. A quote below reads, “The world you're in is always changing, so it's your obligation and responsibility to keep up with that." —Amy Wilson. Text on top reads "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders.

Executive Decisions. Addressing Your Team’s Individual Needs with Amy Wilson (podcast)

Amy Wilson is the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Dow Corporate, which aims to become the most innovative, inclusive, customer-centric, and sustainable materials science company. They provide science-based products and solutions to their customers in spheres as diverse as packaging, consumer care, mobility, and infrastructure. Amy’s responsibilities with Dow include leading and providing counsel in corporate governance, as well as managing compliance matters. She is also the executive sponsor for Dow’s lesbian, gay, bisexual,

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A graphical flyer for an estate planning event by SYM Financial Advisors. The background shows women in a casual meeting setting. The text highlights "Estate Planning for Women - Part 2" on March 10 and mentions wine, appetizers, and strategies for planning for children and parents.

Estate Planning for Women – Part 2

Inheritance can be a blessing or sometimes a curse. Consider what is being left to you, as well as what you are leaving behind. Join the conversation with women who are navigating the complexities of planning for both children and parents.

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A table from SYM Financial Advisors titled "Emergency Savings: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." It lists the benefits of emergency savings (green bag), average costs of emergencies (orange bag), and disadvantages of high-interest loans (red bag). Includes sources.

Keeping up with Emergency Savings, No Matter What

There are many good reasons why financial experts recommend building an emergency savings fund. Having a dependable reserve of money can allow anyone to handle unplanned expenses without relying on credit cards or loans. And for some, emergency savings can even make a difference between leaving a toxic job or relationship — or getting stuck in a bad situation for months, years, or even decades. In this post, we’ll talk about how emergency savings can

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