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Derek Weed

Derek Weed at desk

Derek Weed

Derek is a Financial Advisor.

Derek has worked in the financial services industry since 2012 and has extensive experience working with families of many ages and across the wealth spectrum. 

He is a learner and educator at heart.  One of the things Derek loves most about his job is helping clients gain clarity and confidence in their financial picture, at all stages of life.


The image shows the Indiana University logo. It features the word "Indiana" in red, arched at the top, with the university's initials "IU" in a stylized, interlocking design below it. The letters are all in red on a white background.

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies – Indiana University

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Master of Business Administration in Personal Financial Planning – Indiana Wesleyan University


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Member Music Team and Small Group Leader- Genesis Church
Logo of the Indianapolis Jazz Foundation featuring a red trumpet graphic and text in blue and red that reads "INDIANAPOLIS JAZZ FOUNDATION." Below the graphic, there are three words: "Legacy," "Education," and "Performance.


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Favorite Book(s)

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Personal Pursuits

Derek and his wife Lori have four kids and enjoy fishing, camping and exploring the outdoors.  Derek is a lover of music and has played the drums for twenty years.  He is also an avid road cyclist and mountain biker.

Get Derek’s Help

As life events and stages demand adjustments to your financial plan, SYM’s mission is to proactively attend to your financial realities as your advocate so that you can focus on relationships and enjoying life. To have SYM Financial Advisors Indianapolis work for you call 800-888-7968 or email info@sym.com.