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Gabriella Tucker

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Gabriella Tucker

Principal and Financial Advisor

Gabby’s favorite part of her job is forming relationships with SYM clients, being their advocate, and helping them achieve their goals. She enjoys the complexity of financial planning and the markets- there is something to learn from every day.

She loves the SYM office because she is surrounded by knowledgeable colleagues with unique expertise who are always willing to help one another. The level of team engagement and culture in the SYM offices is unparalleled.



The image shows the Indiana University logo. It features the word "Indiana" in red, arched at the top, with the university's initials "IU" in a stylized, interlocking design below it. The letters are all in red on a white background.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Indiana University Bloomington

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Sacred Heart School Expansion Campaign

Board Member, Baker Youth Club

Member, Tri Kappa

Gabby’s Words to Live By

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Personal Pursuits

Gabby enjoys spending time with her husband, Zach, and their daughters, Penelope and Arianna. She loves traveling and having great conversation over a delicious meal. Her hobbies include cooking and baking Greek pastries, long family walks, and reading as many books as possible to the girls. Their family bucket list includes taking a trip to Ireland and going on an African Safari.


Get Gabby’s Help

As life events and stages demand adjustments to your financial plan, SYM’s mission is to proactively attend to your financial realities as your advocate so that you can focus on relationships and enjoying life. To have SYM Financial Advisors Warsaw work for you call 800-888-7968 or email info@sym.com..