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Jennesa Schweinsberg

A woman with long dark hair, wearing a black dress, is seated on a gray upholstered chair in a room with blue and white abstract artwork on the wall. She is smiling, with her hands resting on her lap, and the atmosphere is cozy and modern.

Jennesa Schweinsberg

Senior Client Service Representative

Jennesa studied at Saginaw Valley State University and is actively involved with the Bay County Humane Society and Sheltered Angels Animal rescue.

She takes pride in being organized, detail oriented and giving 110% to every task that she performs. Jennesa and her husband Erik live in Bay County and enjoy spending time fishing at their cabin.


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Saginaw Valley State University – Marketing & Management

The image shows the logo for the College for Financial Planning (CFP). It is a circular emblem with "College for Financial Planning" written around the edge. Inside the circle, there are mountains in the background and "CFP" in old-style font in the center. The year "1972" is at the bottom.

Ross Medical, Billing & Coding Specialist

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Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional ™


Logo for the Humane Society of Bay County featuring the initials "HSBC" in large red letters with silhouettes of various animals (dog, cat, rabbit, and bird) integrated into the letters. The full name, "Humane Society of Bay County," is written below in grey text.

Humane Society of Bay County

Jennesa’s Words to Live By

Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

Personal Pursuits

Jenessa enjoys spending time with her husband, family and dog Rampage.  She also likes fishing at their cabin, painting and relaxing on the pontoon.

Get Jennesa’s Help

As life events and stages demand adjustments to your financial plan, SYM’s mission is to proactively attend to your financial realities as your advocate so that you can focus on relationships and enjoying life. To have SYM Financial Midland work for you call 800-888-7968 or email info@sym.com.