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Michelle Hipskind

Michelle Hipskind

Financial Advisor

My skills include experience and passion for translating complex information and ideas into something that is digestible, understandable, and meaningful to varied audiences. I love to teach and have been a member of Ivy Tech adjunct staff and conducted many financial seminars for women.



Bachelor of Arts in Journalism – Indiana University, Bloomington, IN





Past Member, Board of Directors, HOPE for Animals


Past Workforce Readiness Educator, Fort Wayne Rescue Mission Charis House

Michelle’s Words to Live By

If you can’t explain it to a kindergartener, you don’t understand it.

– Albert Einstein

Personal Pursuits

I love to read and would like to return to my old hobby of photography. A goal is to be part of the national ASPCA team that rescues and cares for animals during states of emergency and natural disaster.

Get Michelle’s Help

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