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Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor

Rick brings more than 30 years of experience in the investment management and trust industry. He has a consistent and dependable way of educating clients on different aspects of portfolio management and financial planning.  When it comes to financial advice, he is a knowledgeable friend to have in Indianapolis.



Master of Business Administration, University of Indianapolis


Bachelor of Science in Business Finance, Indiana University Kelley School of Business


ABA Graduate Trust School at Northwestern University

Rick’s Words to Live By

Discipline is doing what you have to do, doing it to the best of your ability and doing it that way all of the time. – Bobby Knight

Personal Pursuits

Rick is an avid runner. He enjoys attending his two daughters’ many activities with his wife. He is a big fan of Indiana University basketball, the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Cubs.

Get Rick’s Help

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