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Advisory Team

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Marcia Woodbridge

Marcia Woodbridge Marcia Woodbridge Financial Advisor Marcia has served clients as a financial advisor since 2002.  She has a strong track record for developing relationships that build trust. Midland, MI mwoodbridge@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Marcia’s Words to Live By Find joy in the journey. Personal Pursuits Marcia is a lover of travel, both local and global. At home, some of her favorite

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A man with short brown hair and glasses is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a blue blazer over a light blue dress shirt with a patterned design. The background is blurred, indicating an indoor setting with neutral tones.

Logan Timbrook

Logan Timbrook Logan Timbrook Financial Advisor Logan is a very detail oriented person who usually has a plan A, B and C! He desires meaningful relationships and aims to be a trusted confidante and truth teller to his clients. He says, “I enjoy the problem-solving nature of the advisor role and those moments when a client’s life changes for the better based on my recommendations & planning.” Fort Wayne, IN ltimbrook@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Science

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Keith Beers

Keith Beers Keith Beers Manager of Financial Planners/Financial Advisor Prior to gaining his experience in corporate finance and consulting, Keith spent ten years active duty in the Marine Corps as an Officer and AH-1Z pilot.  What he most enjoys about working at SYM is partnering with clients to support the fulfillment of their financial goals.   Winona Lake, IN kbeers@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Cum Laude, Georgia Southern University Master of Science in Finance,

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Heath Simcoe

Heath Simcoe Heath Simcoe Financial Advisor With over eight years of experience in the financial services industry, Heath serves his clients by walking alongside and guiding them to attain their life goals.  He focuses on learning about clients’ goals, outside of their financial aspirations, and knowing them and their families well.  He especially enjoys putting the financial puzzle together with a proven strategy.  Winona Lake, IN hsimcoe@sym.com Credentials Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designation – Fi360 Community

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Tyler Ostrom

Tyler Ostrom Tyler Ostrom Tyler is a Financial Advisor Tyler’s public accounting and corporate finance background is an asset for serving clients as he understands the tax experience better than many. Tyler says he has always had a service mindset and SYM allows that to bear fruit, both individually and as a group, for our clients. Winona Lake, IN tostrom@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Science – Accounting and Finance,Ball State University Master of Business Administration –

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Octavian Sayumwe

Octavian Sayumwe Financial Advisor Octavian enjoys utilizing his personal finance knowledge to create a customized financial plan that aligns with each client’s goals and values. His favorite part about working with SYM clients is getting to know each unique story. He respects that each story is different. Just as each story is unique, so is each person’s financial situation and the planning that surrounds it. Mishawaka, IN osayumwe@sym.com Credentials Bachelor of Business Administration- Bethel College,

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