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Ben Streeter

A man with short dark hair and a beard, dressed in a black suit jacket and light blue shirt, is smiling at the camera. He is standing in a room with a softly lit background featuring large windows.

Ben Streeter

Financial Planner

I enjoy working with clients and providing confidence that their goals are achievable. What I enjoy most about financial planning is designing a personalized financial plan that is meaningful to a client. I love that SYM has professionals that are experts in their field. Collaboration among the team allows our expertise to be best utilized for our clients.


The image features the logo of Indiana University Fort Wayne (IUFW). It has a red background with a white vertical stripe in the middle. The Indiana University trident logo is positioned at the top, and the abbreviation "IUFW" is written below the trident.

Bachelor of Science in Finance– Indiana University, Fort Wayne, IN

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Ben’s Words to Live By

Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday.

Personal Pursuits

Golfing, bowling, slow-pitch softball, hunting, and fishing are just a few of the things that keep Ben active outside of work. He also has set a goal to learn to play the piano.