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Estate Planning

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5 Estate Tax Mitigation Techniques You Should Consider

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act In 2017, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doubled the amount that someone could pass to their heirs without incurring Federal estate tax. As a result, many families have enjoyed relief from the federal estate tax. In 2023, an individual can pass just under $13 million ($26 million for a couple) to their heirs without getting hit by the 40% federal estate tax. There is an important caveat note,

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A person with short curly hair smiles warmly at the camera. Text on the image reads "The Owner's Corner, EP 16, Melissa Wolf," discussing everything from business insights to legal trusts.

Navigating the Maze of Charitable Giving and Trusts with Melissa Wolf

Melissa Wolf, CPA joined Baden Gage & Schroeder, LLC in 2012 with over seven years of tax experience specializing in gift, trust and estate planning. She directs tax engagements for clients with personal income, fiduciary income and gift tax service needs. Melissa has extensive experience in assisting clients with the formulation of retirement and estate plans. Melissa joins me for a powerful conversation spanning various topics, from Melissa’s diverse journey to becoming a CPA, to

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Navigating the Nightmare of Probate with Heidi Adair

Heidi Adair is a partner at Beers Mallers whose legal practice is focused in the areas of Estate Planning and Elder Law. She is certified as an Estate Planning & Administration Specialist by the Indiana State Bar Estate Planning and Administration Specialty Certification Board. Heidi regularly advises clients regarding the protection of assets through the use of advanced Estate Planning and Elder Law planning. She has counseled numerous families regarding wills, Revocable Living Trusts, and

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The Importance of Buy Sell Agreements

In this episode of the Owner’s Corner podcast, host Seth Whicker, a certified financial planner, stresses the importance of having a Buy Sell agreement for any business owner. He explains that while a robust estate plan covers some aspects, a Buy Sell agreement outlines how other people may become owners within the company, how shares will be valued and transferred, and what will happen to shares in the event of a shareholder’s death or disability.

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A bar chart titled "How Far Have You Gotten in Creating a Will?" illustrates percentages for various stages: talked to a loved one (20%), researched online (11%), wrote basic plan/estate plan (7%), consulted a lawyer (3%), filed paperwork (2%), notified loved ones/chose executor (5%), not started (61%). Many still fall prey to estate planning myths. Source:

Five Estate Planning Myths Debunked

No one likes to face their own mortality, but estate planning is an important part of every individual’s life. It can be easy to push these plans off into the future, but setting aside time now to get these items squared away can provide peace of mind for yourself as well as your loved ones. Here are some common misconceptions about estate planning along with an explanation of why they are dangerous myths. I have

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A woman is sitting on the gym floor, holding a laughing child who is lying on her lap with arms raised, on a blue mat with red lines in the background. Both are wearing athletic clothing and appear to be having fun together, capturing a happy moment that underscores the importance of special needs planning.

Balancing Special Needs Planning with Your Retirement

Parents with a special needs child have many of the same wishes as all other parents. They want to make memories, do the best for their family, and prepare their child for the future. They also hope to retire one day with a measure of financial peace of mind. When there’s a will, there’s a way — and that is true of financial planning for families with special needs. It is true that unique circumstances

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