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financial planning

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Prioritizing Various Types of Savings

Saving is a key element to financial planning. How do you know that you are saving in the right places at the right time? This visual provides guidance around how we at SYM Financial Advisors prioritize savings and investments with tax efficiency in mind.  Contact us to dive deeper and customize your financial plan. 800-888-7968.

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A wooden mannequin balances on a tightrope, skillfully engaging in risk planning as it carries colorful puzzle pieces labeled with the letters "R", "I", "S", and "K" above its head. The sky in the background is clear and blue.

Dealing with the Rising Cost of Healthcare and other Risk Planning

Planning for contingencies is so much a part of day-to-day life we forget we even do it. Like keeping a spare tire in the trunk or band aids in the medicine cabinet – just in case. Those of us who drive have car insurance, most of us have healthcare coverage, and either home-owner’s insurance or a renter’s policy. We understand, and even hope, that we never use the insurance and are willing to pay the

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A woman and a man are having a discussion at a table. The woman gestures with her right hand raised and appears to be explaining something about financial planning. The man also gestures with his hands. They have papers and a laptop in front of them. The setting looks like an office.

What Exactly, is a Financial Plan?

The words Financial Plan carry a lot of weight. For some, they conjure images of dusty binders full of complicated, unintelligible charts and tables wasting space on a closet shelf. Others consider them a mysterious tool used only by the wealthy elite. And while there may have been some truth to that a few decades ago, nothing could be further from the truth today. Advancements in the industry along with huge strides in capability have

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A pair of hands reaches towards a butterfly in flight, set against a serene, sunlit background. The butterfly, with its vibrant orange and black wings, symbolizes transformation. The logo for SYM Financial Advisors, an RIA firm dedicated to your financial growth, is in the bottom right corner.

The Legacy Dan Wheeler Left Us and Why it Matters to You.

Are you familiar with the butterfly effect, or how small actions can have big, often unexpected ripple effects? The classic example (and its name source) is a butterfly flapping its wings in one locale altering the air pressure just enough to generate a tornado halfway around the world. Next question: Have you ever heard of Dan Wheeler? Unless you are an independent, fee-only financial advisor, you probably don’t know this unsung hero. But despite his

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A promotional banner for "Estate Planning for Women" event on Thursday, August 18. Features two women smiling at each other, with text offering wine, appetizers, and strategies. Hosted by SYM Financial Advisors, with Gabby Tucker and Michelle Hipskind listed as hosts.

Estate Planning Answers for Women

Inheritance can be a blessing or sometimes a curse. Consider what is being left to you, as well as what you are leaving behind. Join the conversation with women who are navigating the complexities of planning for children, parents and themselves.

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An infographic by SYM Financial Advisors shows a brain split into two sides: the left labeled "Logical Side" with analytical questions, and the right labeled "Emotional Side" with impulsive statements. The bottom line advises leaning on a financial plan and building emergency savings for decisions.

The Cost of Emotions in Financial Decisions

You might think that the hardest financial decisions are knowing which investments to pick, mitigating downside risk, or understanding how taxes might impact your returns. But there is one thing that can derail your investment portfolio even faster than poor investment choices and tax mistakes. That is the voice inside your head. On the surface, our daily thoughts and emotions may seem trivial. However, they can trick us into chasing after investments that don’t make

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