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How to Keep Your Family Cabin in the Family

Family cabins are part of many people’s retirement dreams. If you own vacation property, consider special cabin planning when creating your estate plan.  A cabin plan is a wealth transfer strategy designed to keep the property in the family after the owner’s passing. It can eliminate many of the challenges related to shared ownership. Wealth Transfer Strategies When the goal is to preserve the property for the family, the most complete planning scenario will incorporate a

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Planning in Advance of Grief and Loss” Podcast Part 1

Who takes the lead in your financial relationships? Every family unit includes people with different areas of comfort in financial decision making. In times of loss, it becomes vital that survivors know enough about the family finances to take the reins when necessary. This podcast features SYM’s Andy Popenfoose and Sarah Delahanty.

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Roth IRAs for Kids and Grandkids – podcast

As parents and grandparents, we want to do all we can to lead our kids to a financially sound future. In this podcast Steve Yeager, Senior Vice President at SYM Financial Advisors, explains the process of using the Roth IRA in a unique way – to encourage, teach, and assist kids in saving for their retirement, as young as 12 or 13. Add the power of compound interest and this becomes an exciting opportunity for

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Book Review: Being Mortal

Book Review: Being Mortal – Medicine and What Matters in the End “Being Mortal,” published in 2014, explores in graceful detail the often-taboo topic of death and dying from the perspective of a modern medical practitioner. The author, Dr. Gawande, approaches this non-fiction writing in the same way as one would approach a story, illustrating each point with personal anecdotes from his viewpoint as a general surgeon and a son.   Although the core of the

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Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney

Completing estate documents can be a daunting task.  Who will inherit the wealth you worked so hard to accumulate?  Wills are important documents, but don’t overlook other, equally important documents such as medical and financial powers of attorney. While most estate planning seeks to direct what will happen after you pass away, medical and financial powers of attorney enable someone (the agent) to act on your behalf while you are still living. Common scenarios that

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