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Retirement Planning

Dealing with the Rising Cost of Healthcare and other Risk Planning

Planning for contingencies is so much a part of day-to-day life we forget we even do it. Like keeping a spare tire in the trunk or band aids in the medicine cabinet – just in case. Those of us who drive have car insurance, most of us have healthcare coverage, and either home-owner’s insurance or a renter’s policy. We understand, and even hope, that we never use the insurance and are willing to pay the

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Investment Fundamentals Part 4: Patience and Personal Persistence

So far in our investment fundamentals series, we’ve explored the history of investing; how important it is to save (so you have money to invest); how to invest efficiently in broad markets; and why to avoid chasing or fleeing rising or falling prices. By applying these principles, you are much better positioned to let capital markets work their wonders on your investments. But there are two more essentials that can make or break even the

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Why Corporate Executives Need Specialized Financial Planning

While the compensation structure of a corporate executive is definitely one of the perks of rising in the ranks, the vast complexities of the modern executive compensation package also leave the door open for missteps around every corner. Many freshly minted executives want to keep managing their personal income, retirement, and tax preparation, because that’s the way they’ve been doing it for years. But tap a longtime executive on the shoulder for a piece of

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Setting Your Retirement Date: Are You Too Late or Too Early?

How much thought have you put into your retirement date? If you said “not that much,” then you are in good company. Most people simply assume they’ll retire whenever they become eligible for Social Security benefits. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a lot more that goes into retirement planning than just your age. According to a study conducted by Columbia Business School’s Center for Decision Sciences, the act of thinking about

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