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A man in a blue suit with a white shirt and blue checkered tie is speaking. Gesturing with his right hand, he stands against a wood-paneled wall accented by blue lighting and a black shelf. Discussing artificial intelligence, his words resonate within the modern setting.

Is AI The Next Big Thing In The Markets?

https://youtu.be/V2xtFzia32A?si=jGdQJX4WYGo8aygd We recently asked SYM’s Chief Investment Officer Andy Popenfoose this question. This is a paraphrase of what he shared.  Catch his exact words in the video above. AI is a major force in the economy. AI is a major force in the economy. I have been following the developments of artificial intelligence for a long time. What we have witnessed in the last few quarters is that AI is not only a scientific field,

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A man in a suit is smiling at the camera. The text on the image reads "The Owner's Corner EP 19 Matt Roskuski." The background features a gradient of blue tones, creating a professional setting for business owners to gain insights.

Bridging the Gap: How Matt Roskuski Helps Companies Work as One

Owner of Status Go Consulting, Matt Roskuski, has over two decades of executive-level sales and marketing experience. He has worked for organizations of all sizes, from small privately-owned companies to global giants. His experience spans a diverse collection of industries including technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer products, ecommerce and healthcare.   Matt’s a native of Ft. Wayne and has a degree in Management from Purdue – West Lafayette. Early in his career, he spent nine years

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A man in a suit, glasses, and a striped tie bends under the heavy weight of three large binders labeled "TAX" stacked on his back. He appears strained as he balances the oversized folders, symbolizing the burden of estate tax mitigation, against a green background.

5 Estate Tax Mitigation Techniques You Should Consider

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act In 2017, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doubled the amount that someone could pass to their heirs without incurring Federal estate tax. As a result, many families have enjoyed relief from the federal estate tax. In 2023, an individual can pass just under $13 million ($26 million for a couple) to their heirs without getting hit by the 40% federal estate tax. There is an important caveat note,

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