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Marissa Nowak

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Marissa Nowak

Client Service Representative

Marissa has a lot of experience in the service industry. She enjoys helping clients achieve their own financial freedom and  focuses on knowing her clients uncommonly well so that she can help them in the best way possible. Her favorite part of working at SYM is the helpful culture in the company.


Logo of Central Michigan University. The letters "CMU" are in large maroon font above a maroon line, with "Central Michigan University" written in smaller maroon text below the line. The background is white.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Applied Business Communication Concentration – Central Michigan University

Marissa’s Words to Live By

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Personal Pursuits

Marissa’s time is spent with daughter Josie, her fiancé and family. Watching her daughter grow up and seeing her excitement as she experiences new things is one of Marissa’s greatest joys.