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Steve Saylor

Steve Saylor

IT Manager

Steve has been taking things apart and putting them back together since before he could walk. He brings to SYM 25 years of experience consulting, directing and implementing large scale IT projects. 

Having been a CIO consultant for over four dozen financial institutions, hospitals and health care facilities, as well as many manufacturers and non-profit organizations, his expertise is a big asset to SYM. 

Steve says, “I love getting up each and every day knowing that I get to help our team solve problems, improve their working experience, and ensure that the technology we use to serve our clients is secure and performing well.”  



Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM)

Steve’s Words to Live By

Give grace abundantly, receive grace humbly.

Personal Pursuits

Steve and his wife Tamara have three great kids, a cat and a dog. He’s an avid motorcycle rider and takes every opportunity to get his two-wheeled “wind therapy.  His family loves a good road trip and he’s logged over half a million miles driving through much of the lower 48 in the last 20 years.   

Get Steve’s Help

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