Logo for SYM Financial Advisors featuring the text "SYM" in large green font and "FINANCIAL ADVISORS" in smaller gray font. There is a graphic of two green, swooping lines beneath "SYM." The background is white.

Steve Yeager

A man with short, light brown hair and a beard is sitting at a desk, smiling. He is wearing a dark sweater over a collared shirt and is resting his arms on the desk. In the background, there is a blurred window with blinds.

Steve Yeager

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor

Steve brings over two decades of experience in financial services. He specializes in working with private business owners and corporate executives on their financial plans. He spent ten years as a Naval officer and F-14 pilot. He resigned as a Lieutenant Commander in 2000.

Winona Lake, IN


The image shows the emblem of the United States Naval Academy. It features a design with the text "United States Naval Academy" encircling a crest that includes a trident, an anchor, and other nautical symbols.

Bachelor of Science – United States Naval Academy

William & Mary logo featuring a stylized gold W&M insignia with a crown on top, and the text "William & Mary" in green below. The text "Chartered 1693" appears underneath the name in green.

Masters of Business Administration – College of William and Mary

AIF logo featuring a stylized orange sunburst to the left of the letters "AIF" in black. To the right, the text reads "Accredited Investment Fiduciary" in black, with the Registered Trademark symbol accompanying both "AIF" and "Accredited Investment Fiduciary.



Logo of the Kosciusko County Community Foundation. A blue emblem at the top features a hand cradling three gold stars. Below, stylized text reads "Kosciusko County Community Foundation" with the tagline "Where Donor Dreams Shine" in gold at the bottom.

Board of Directors

A logo featuring a red apple with a green leaf at the top. The words "Warsaw Education" arch over the apple, and "Foundation" is written below it, with a horizontal line separating the upper and lower text.

Former Member, Board of Directors

A logo featuring the head of a roaring tiger in black, orange, and white. Behind the tiger are four large claw marks. Below the tiger, the word "WARSAW" is written in bold, uppercase, orange letters with a subtle white outline.

Former Varsity Football Assistant

A graphic of a Spartan helmet in blue and yellow with the text "Spartan Spirit!" above it and "Jefferson Elementary" below in blue. The text and helmet are stylized in a bold, energetic design.

Former Boys Basketball Coach

Personal Pursuits

Steve and his wife Megan are the proud parents of seven kids. Steve loves to stay active biking, hiking and playing golf. He also enjoys playing guitar in his spare time.

Favorite Book

“Sea Stories – My Life in Special Operations” – Admiral William H. McRaven

Get Steve’s Help

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