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Celebrate Your Resolve

Recent numbers are now in, with good news to share. With some financial analysts describing a “gravity-defying” “monster rally” across major market indices, most disciplined investors have been richly rewarded for sticking with their appropriate investment allocations. Even had quarterly and year-to-date numbers not shown improvement, we would have advised you to remain invested as planned anyway. The same can be said for whatever the rest of the year has in store. We know markets

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Protect your Investible Assets from Pig Butchering

What is it? A new cyber scam. In our last installment, Cyber Security and Your Digital Assets – SYM Financial Advisors –, we outlined how to build an effective cyber security plan.  We hope that you are making headway on securing those digital assets.  Part of building a strong cyber security plan requires being informed of the ever-evolving criminal scams that attempt to rob you of your hard-earned assets. Personal vigilance is still one of

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Ways to Maximize Your Executive Compensation and Benefits

In this episode of Executive Decisions Podcast, host Sarah Delahanty, a certified financial planner, talks about how her firm, SYM Financial Advisors, helps executives understand and maximize their executive compensation and benefits. She emphasizes the importance of diversifying risks and making sure clients have a game plan for the year, including determining what may be beneficial to exercise relating to stock options, selling or retaining restricted stock units, participating in employee stock purchase plans, and

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Cyber Security and Your Digital Assets

Cybersecurity is a complex topic.  In many ways, it’s like investing.  There are lots of ways to do it, it can be really confusing without good information, and reliable advice from a knowledgeable source is critical. And if you don’t do it right, you are likely to lose your money.  Each individual and business is different; the tools and techniques necessary to protect them vary dramatically.  An online search may render some “top ten steps”

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