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The stock market and the economy are not the same.

“Be aware that the market does not turn when it sees light at the end of the tunnel. It turns when all looks black, but just a subtle shade less black than the day before.” – James Montier Why must we view them differently? The stock market is frequently taken for a real-time analog to the economy. Too often the two are compared in ways that make them appear similar.  It may surprise you to

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Stock Options for Corporate Executives

Corporate executive compensation packages often include stock options. As a supplement to a base salary, these options can be a powerful wealth creator and a core component of your overall investment portfolio and retirement plan. We believe executives need to keep in mind that the volatility and tax intricacies of these options require deft hands to manage. Wrong choices can have lasting impact and easily overpower your overall risk profile. Quick Primer on Stock Options

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The Heightened Economic Pain in Russia

Are you worried about what the Russian-Ukrainian war means for your portfolio? Do you feel waves of frustration as the US inflation numbers have markedly increased, and everything from groceries to gas prices is digging deeper into your wallet? This might help you feel a bit better. After facing over 2,778 internal sanctions and experiencing tens of thousands of casualties, Russia will likely repent its invasion decision for years to come. Several international parties (ranging

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Monday Morning “Fed Watching” and Other Thoughts on Inflation

Are inflation concerns getting to you? It can be unsettling to watch gas prices and the cost of weekly groceries go up, up, and up. Inflation can erode wage increases to the point that paying for anything from braces to electricity can become a stretch. Why is this happening and who is responsible?  Some pundits and pontificators point the finger at the U.S. Federal Reserve. “The Fed” has a mandate for monetary policy commonly known

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Our Thoughts on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement that cryptocurrencies draw. Between the wild market swings and the volume of trading, one can’t avoid stories about people who have made a fortune in the span of a few days. So, naturally, we at SYM Financial get our share of questions from clients, prospects, and family members about “investing in cryptocurrency.” Here is our take on this topic through the lens of Chief Investment Officer

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Investing Post Pandemic

This webinar recording is part of a SYM educational series hosted by Michelle Hipskind CFP®, Financial Advisor at SYM Financial Advisors. Gain insight from featured speaker Ashley Ilardo, Regional Director at Dimensional Fund Advisors. This is a forum for women who discuss financial topics and strategies. The recordings are shared for all to learn. Care to be invited to the next webinar? Contact Michelle Hipskind by emailing Content covers topics such as: Conquering the

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