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Long Term Care Insurance: A New Overview

Much of today’s population will eventually require some form of long term medical or personal assistance care as they age. How these people receive and pay for services will drive their long term care (LTC) experience.  Even if you think you are well versed in the ins and outs of LTC, you might be surprised to know that long term care includes a surprising range of services and complexities. Long term care support may occur

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Dealing with the Rising Cost of Healthcare and other Risk Planning

Planning for contingencies is so much a part of day-to-day life we forget we even do it. Like keeping a spare tire in the trunk or band aids in the medicine cabinet – just in case. Those of us who drive have car insurance, most of us have healthcare coverage, and either home-owner’s insurance or a renter’s policy. We understand, and even hope, that we never use the insurance and are willing to pay the

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5 Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care

Imagine that someone you know was diagnosed with a lifelong disease. Or perhaps they ended up at a hospital and in need of lengthy care and recovery. Your first thought would probably be, “I hope they will be OK!” Unfortunately, for many families, the very next thought is, “How will we pay for this?”  That may sound unlikely to you now, especially if you are healthy. But the reality is that seven out of ten

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Planning for the Cost of Life Care

Are you prepared to cover the cost of elder care for yourself or your loved one? As the costs of medical care and other related expenses continue to rise, this is an important conversation to have — inside of your own family, and with your financial advisor. What can you expect to pay? According to Genworth, the median cost of in-home care is $54,912 per year. If you have to go to a nursing home,

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7 Common Types of Commercial Insurance Policies

When should a business owner consider a commercial insurance policy and what is the most important coverage? Commercial insurance policies protect businesses from the risk associated with injury, disability, property loss, and other liabilities. They come in many shapes and sizes and can make discerning what is best for your business difficult.  By outlining the common components of commercial insurance policies, we aim to bring clarity to your choices. As a business owner, you may

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What Is Life Insurance, and Do You Need It?

Life insurance is a sensitive topic. Nobody likes to sit down to discuss their mortality, but it is a conversation every responsible person should have. Life insurance can provide financial protection in the event a family member passes. There are many types of life insurance that could be considered for various stage of life, from birth to death. Who Needs Life Insurance? Life insurance can be a vital piece of a solid financial plan, particularly

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