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Your Tax Review Checklist for 2022 filing

As the April 18th tax deadline is approaching, take some time to consider how the following items may apply to your tax situation before submitting your 2022 return. A quick tax review could save you money. Tax Review Checklist Consider the impact of the following before filing your taxes. Realized Gains & Losses Form 1099-B reports your gains and losses for the year. This comes from your account custodian (Schwab, Fidelity, National Advisors Trust, TD

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2022 Year End Deadlines

The year is drawing to a close in a flash and this is the time to address important year end deadlines. Following are key things you should be in communication with your advisor about now. Custodians are busier than normal years and we expect delays that haven’t been experienced in the past.  If you haven’t squared away with your SYM team already, we advise making it a priority. 529s Planning to make a contribution to

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Taxation of Stock Options and Other Mistakes to Avoid

Stock options are often used as an incentive for key employees and executives. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook received a $3 million salary in 2021, which may seem relatively small given the enormous value of the company. But the full scope of his compensation package becomes clearer when you also consider he was awarded $82.3 million in stock options [1]. Stock options aren’t just for household names. Companies of many sizes use incentive stock

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Next Year’s Income Tax Planning Starts Now

Whether you are the type to submit your tax filing early or you wait until the April 15th deadline, there are ways to make the annual necessity easier on yourself. Income tax filing doesn’t have to be a frantic race. If you develop the right habits now, you can take small steps all year long, which will make the tax-filing project much simpler. That can lead to a quicker, smoother filing — and can potentially

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