Logo for SYM Financial Advisors featuring the text "SYM" in large green font and "FINANCIAL ADVISORS" in smaller gray font. There is a graphic of two green, swooping lines beneath "SYM." The background is white.


A man in a suit and tie is featured with the text "EXECUTIVE DECISIONS: A Podcast for Business Leaders." Below is a quote from Fernando Signorini: "You're not going to have insight if your mind is not balanced.

Executive Decisions – Networking Beyond Your Role As Leader with Fernando Signorini (podcast)

Fernando Signorini is the Vice President of Operations US Gulf Coast and Site Director of Texas Operations at Dow, a chemical manufacturing company that’s been around for over 125 years. They’re currently spearheading programs for a more sustainable future. Fernando has been with Dow for almost 28 years, and his vast experience made him an expert in business processes, planning, plant operations, and strategic sourcing. Fernando joins me to discuss what it means to be

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A pink piggy bank with a sad facial expression is being squeezed tightly by a large clamp. The clamp has a red and blue handle, suggesting financial pressure or constraints reminiscent of the recession in 2022. The background is plain white.

Recession 2022: Prepare your Finances for Any Scenario

Between the rising gas prices and the conflict in Ukraine, even the most optimistic among us are feeling a bit of anxiety. Recent stock market volatility has contributed to the worries. Spokespeople in the media have begun to talk about entering bear market territory. Has the Fed done so much to combat inflation that the economy is headed into Recession 2022 instead? It is true that the U.S. has successfully produced economic rebounds in the

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Podcast cover art for "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." The design features white swirling lines on a green background with an upward-pointing arrow, symbolizing the dynamics of running a business. Text reads "EP6 Dave Youngstrom" at the bottom.

Connecting with Clients Through Our People with Dave Youngstrom

Dave Youngstrom is the CEO of Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants. Yeo & Yeo is one of the country’s leading tax, technology, accounting, wealth management, and medical billing advisory firms. Dave has been part of the Yeo & Yeo family for over 28 years, where he served as Principal, Director, and Board of Directors before becoming its CEO. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at Saginaw Valley State University – College of

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A family of four stands on a grassy hilltop, with two adults carrying two children on their shoulders. They face a clear blue sky where clouds form the shapes of the world map, illustrating the continents and reflecting on global events like economic pain in Russia.

The Heightened Economic Pain in Russia

Are you worried about what the Russian-Ukrainian war means for your portfolio? Do you feel waves of frustration as the US inflation numbers have markedly increased, and everything from groceries to gas prices is digging deeper into your wallet? This might help you feel a bit better. After facing over 2,778 internal sanctions and experiencing tens of thousands of casualties, Russia will likely repent its invasion decision for years to come. Several international parties (ranging

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A woman is sitting on the gym floor, holding a laughing child who is lying on her lap with arms raised, on a blue mat with red lines in the background. Both are wearing athletic clothing and appear to be having fun together, capturing a happy moment that underscores the importance of special needs planning.

Balancing Special Needs Planning with Your Retirement

Parents with a special needs child have many of the same wishes as all other parents. They want to make memories, do the best for their family, and prepare their child for the future. They also hope to retire one day with a measure of financial peace of mind. When there’s a will, there’s a way — and that is true of financial planning for families with special needs. It is true that unique circumstances

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A man in a suit smiles at the camera, with text overlay stating "The Owner's Corner EP5 Randy Strebig" on a blue geometric background, highlighting his journey in building a successful construction company.

Owner’s Corner – The Foundations of an Enduring Construction Company with Randy Strebig (podcast)

In memoriam of Randy Strebig. We are forever grateful for the time and insight he shared with us.   Randy Strebig is the Founder and Owner of Strebig Construction, a construction firm in Fort Wayne, Indiana. When Randy founded the company in 1980, he focused the firm’s efforts on residential modeling, roofing, and concrete flatwork. Over the last 40 years, Strebig Construction has been expanding and evolving into a dominant force in commercial, industrial, and

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