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Financial Planning for College

Are you planning to help your children with getting a degree someday? Financial planning for college has become a big priority for many American households. However, with education expenses on the rise, the total price tag may be much larger than you think. The average cost of attending a public college is $27,940 for in-state students, $45,240 for out-of-state students, and $57,570 for a private school per year.[1] For students seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree,

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Celebrate Your Resolve

Recent numbers are now in, with good news to share. With some financial analysts describing a “gravity-defying” “monster rally” across major market indices, most disciplined investors have been richly rewarded for sticking with their appropriate investment allocations. Even had quarterly and year-to-date numbers not shown improvement, we would have advised you to remain invested as planned anyway. The same can be said for whatever the rest of the year has in store. We know markets

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Dealing with the Rising Cost of Healthcare and other Risk Planning

Planning for contingencies is so much a part of day-to-day life we forget we even do it. Like keeping a spare tire in the trunk or band aids in the medicine cabinet – just in case. Those of us who drive have car insurance, most of us have healthcare coverage, and either home-owner’s insurance or a renter’s policy. We understand, and even hope, that we never use the insurance and are willing to pay the

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80/20 Rule for Finances

Four Ways to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Financial Pursuits

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It suggests 80% of an outcome is often the result of just 20% of the effort you put into it. This doesn’t always work. Sometimes, it’s worth going the extra mile. But often, by prioritizing the 20% of your efforts that makes the biggest splash, you can save time, simplify your finances and likely gain better results. In that spirit, here are four financial best practices that pack a

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