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What You Need to Know about Equity-Based Compensation

Equity-based compensation is non-cash pay that represents ownership in the company that employs you. It can be referenced and awarded in many ways, including stock options, restricted stock units, performance stock units, and employee stock purchase plans (ESPP). Tying certain employees’ compensation to the overall success of the company can be seen as both a retention and motivational strategy. Stock Options Publicly-traded companies often award stock options to their key employees and executives. Stock option

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Stock Options Strategies for Success

A deliberate and thoughtful stock options strategy can maximize your wealth by harnessing the power of a significant part of your compensation. Without the guidance of an experienced financial advisor, well-intentioned company stock option recipients are often left on their own to set options targets (triggers for exercising an option). We find that “do-it-yourself” targets are frequently based on one of the following approaches: Participate in water cooler talk about how stock prices will fluctuate

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Wealth Management for Corporate Executives (Podcast)

SYM senior financial advisor and principal Sarah Delahanty joins SYM’s Seth Whicker to discuss the unique needs of corporate executives in this podcast. Topics include stock options and grants, diversification, deferred compensation, and time management for executives.  

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Deferred Compensation 101: What You Need To Know

Deferred compensation plans help employees build toward a successful retirement. These plans come in many forms that can be tricky to navigate. Here are a few foundational facts you need to know.  All deferred compensation plans share one thing in common: they are a place to put money that is set aside for the future and distributed ideally once the individual moves to a lower tax bracket. Some deferred compensation accounts include contributions by both

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Umbrella Liability Insurance: An Overview

Umbrella liability coverage is a crucial but often overlooked piece of a financial wellness plan. Its purpose is to protect your assets from major claims and lawsuits by providing liability insurance in excess of the limits of your homeowners’ or automobile policy.  An umbrella policy may also provide initial or additional insurance for circumstances other policies may exclude, including false arrest, libel, slander, and invasion of privacy. You are likely covered against liability at a

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A Good Financial Advisor Extends Well Beyond the Portfolio

Particularly during challenging times in the market, it can be easy to forget that the end goal of comprehensive planning goes well beyond choosing investments. Investors who keep a critical eye to their portfolio may sometimes overlook other, more subtle indicators along the path to long-term financial success. These contributions are less quantifiable on a quarterly performance statement, but valuable nonetheless. Cost-effective investment implementation: When measured against overall wealth, the costs associated with investments may

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