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Executive Decisions – Discerning Good Professional Advice from Bad with Tom Schwyn (podcast)

Tom Schwyn is the Vice President of Global Legal Operations and GPO General Counsel at Whirlpool, one of the world’s leading kitchen and laundry appliances brands. Tom has an incredible career story, having joined Whirlpool as an electrical engineer back in 1987. As Vice President of the Legal Operations department, today Tom is tasked with mitigating risks, optimizing value, and promoting global collaboration across legal departments. He is planning to retire by the end of

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Owner’s Corner – Creating a Solid Succession Plan with John Barce (podcast)

John Barce is the Owner and Partner at Barrett McNagny LLP, one of the oldest law partnerships in Indiana. John is a premier business attorney who focuses his practice on business transactions, federal & state taxation, and estate & business planning. He completed his JD at the Indiana University School of Law, where he graduated with Latin honors. Since 2016, John has been recognized and listed in the Best Lawyers of America publication. He is also a

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Executive Decisions – Making The Tough Decisions For Your Business with Sharon Mortensen (podcast)

Sharon Mortensen is the President and CEO of Midland Area Community Foundation, an organization that promotes philanthropic leadership to help the local community through scholarships, charity funding, and donations to Midland area nonprofits every year. As a leader, Sharon is responsible for overseeing all operations, from proposal to execution. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Defiance College and a Master’s in Counseling from the University of Texas. Sharon joins me today to discuss

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Tax Saving Strategies for High Income Earners

Company executives are in a unique position that can create interesting tax challenges and opportunities. Here at SYM Financial, most executives that we work with will be in the highest marginal tax bracket during their working years — so it’s important to consider strategies that will provide current savings, or future savings opportunities, or even both. While you may not consider yourself a high earner, according to a report from US News, families that earn

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Dow Total Rewards. What should I know about the changes?

SYM Financial Advisors in Midland, Michigan give insight on the changes that affect active Dow corporate executives and share strategies that can help keep your financial plan on track. The first 30 minutes of this recorded webinar covers the details of the changes and the last 30 minutes answers questions from participants. How do I optimize the new benefits? How do I maximize the in-plan savings opportunities? What is a qualified ESPP? What tax strategies

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Stock Options for Corporate Executives: Q&A with SYM Financial

Incentives matter. This maxim is one of the first things taught in Economics 101 class. Stock options are a powerful compensation mechanism that can encourage loyalty and performance from corporate executives. Stock options come in many forms and can get confusing. Here are some foundational reminders to get us started. A stock option is the right to purchase shares of stock at a pre-determined price at some point in the future. Stock options can become

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