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How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Money

Every adult wants the best for their aging parents. Can they use a hand getting Mom’s car to a shop? Do they need help finding a contractor to fix a leaky roof? Should you line up grocery deliveries while Dad is recovering from surgery? However, one topic that can be particularly difficult to broach is finances. It’s easy to see why some people may see conversations about money as being taboo. And, of course, the

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How to Avoid an Early Retirement Penalty

Every now and again, SYM Financial advisors and planners run into clients who retire early. There are many good reasons why someone might “retire early” in the eyes of the IRS, which is any time before reaching the age of 59½. Some are ready to separate from their jobs sooner than they had anticipated. Others may be impacted by layoffs, workforce reduction, or health problems that make it difficult to continue working. No matter how

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The Cost of Emotions in Financial Decisions

You might think that the hardest financial decisions are knowing which investments to pick, mitigating downside risk, or understanding how taxes might impact your returns. But there is one thing that can derail your investment portfolio even faster than poor investment choices and tax mistakes. That is the voice inside your head. On the surface, our daily thoughts and emotions may seem trivial. However, they can trick us into chasing after investments that don’t make

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Keeping up with Emergency Savings, No Matter What

There are many good reasons why financial experts recommend building an emergency savings fund. Having a dependable reserve of money can allow anyone to handle unplanned expenses without relying on credit cards or loans. And for some, emergency savings can even make a difference between leaving a toxic job or relationship — or getting stuck in a bad situation for months, years, or even decades. In this post, we’ll talk about how emergency savings can

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Next Year’s Income Tax Planning Starts Now

Have you filed your taxes yet? Whether you have already submitted a return or are waiting until the April 15th deadline, there’s one lesson to be learned: Make things easier on yourself next year! Income tax filing doesn’t have to be a frantic race. If you develop the right habits now, you can take small steps all year long, which will make the tax-filing project much simpler. That can lead to a quicker, smoother filing

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Best of Holiday Mishaps and Misadventures

2021 Edition from SYM Financial The holidays are supposed to be just like the joyful, cozy pictures of fireside smiles and perfect cookies that we see in magazines… But we all know that in real life, they can turn awkward and hysterical faster than you can say “Oh Santa!”  Have you ever experienced a less-than-perfect holiday? The SYM team shares some of their most memorable mishaps. Turkey Got Runover by a Grandma “A couple of

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