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Financial Wisdom Across Generations

Lessons Learned and Regrets Avoided

with Rickie Kohne and Laura Murray

In this episode we have an energetic conversation across two generations. Michelle is joined by mother and daughter Rickie Kohne and Laura Murray as they take a look into their personal experiences and insights on financial management. Laura and Rickie share the valuable lessons they learned from their parents, emphasizing the importance of living within their means and prioritizing savings.  

Both women stress the need for open communication and trust within relationships, acknowledging the role of financial advisors in providing guidance and peace of mind. They discuss the challenges of budgeting, sharing humorous anecdotes and reflecting on the importance of relinquishing control when necessary. Overall, the group encourages asking questions, seeking professional advice, and learning from past mistakes to achieve financial stability and security. 

This week on The EmpowHER Podcast:

  • Teaching young women to ask questions about money. 
  • The importance of asking the right questions. 
  • Rickie’s first checkbook. 
  • Advice for women who don’t have a career outside the home. 
  • Lessons learned – your own and from others 

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “You don’t have to be afraid to talk about money. Reach out there and ask those questions and educate yourself.” – Rickie Kohne 
  • “Sometimes we hold ourselves back because we think we don’t have enough money for a financial advisor, but you should still ask the questions and seek guidance.” – Laura Murray 
  • “Financial planning is about finding peace of mind and feeling comfortable about your financial future.” – Michelle Hipskind 

About SYM Financial and The EmpowHER Podcast

The EmpowHER Podcast is a platform for women to come together to gain financial insight and strategies with a tribe of brilliant women. This show is brought to you by Financial Advisor Michelle Hipskind, CFP ®. Michelle educates on the many important aspects of financial planning and brings in additional professionals that provide advice in their areas of expertise, giving listeners access to the appropriate professionals that can help solve the problems many women face. In-person events are held in the Fort Wayne and Warsaw, Indiana areas. In addition to the podcast, local events, webinars and blogs are available for all women who want to be part of the EmpowHER community.

Email Michelle at mhipskind@sym.com with questions, comments, and to schedule a one-on-one conversation.

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