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How a Values-Driven Culture Attracts Ideal Clients with Matt Schrock

In this episode Matt Schrock discusses the journey that led him to joining the family construction business, DJ Construction. He talks about how DJ Construction was started by his grandfather and uncle in 1954 and has grown over the decades to include an office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Matt describes DJ Construction’s leadership structure and how they ensure the right people are in the right roles. He also discusses the company’s focus on their core values

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Strategies for Protecting Your Family with Medicaid Featuring Lindsay Koler

This podcast episode discusses Medicaid planning and how it can be used as an asset protection tool rather than just a last resort. Lindsay Koler, an elder law attorney, explains how Medicaid assessments and proper planning can help couples protect their homes and retirement accounts. She emphasizes getting powers of attorney updated and doing Medicaid planning well in advance of needing long-term care.   We look at whether someone needs help with activities of daily

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Cultivating Diverse Leaders and Inclusive Culture with Dionna Topps James

Dionna has been with Whirlpool Corporation for 15 years and currently leads the Whirlpool Sales Enablement Team as well as being the Chief of Staff for the Sales SVP.  She is responsible for creating strategies and experiences to enable profitable sales growth for both Whirlpool and its Trade Customers. Dionna has held various positions with escalating responsibility within training, operations, sales and merchandising. As an accomplished sales leader she has been awarded National Sales Manager

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Ensuring Your Pets are Cared For After You’re Gone

In this quick but packed full of information episode, Michelle discusses the importance of including plans for your pets in your estate planning. Many households now have companion animals, so it is crucial to consider what will happen to dogs, cats, or other pets if their owners become unable to care for them or pass away. Michelle recommennds speaking with your estate attorney about setting aside funds and establishing guardians for your pets. She also

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Understanding Hidden Nuggets within the SECURE Act

We have a quick tactical nugget for you on this latest episode of the EmpowHER podcast. In this episode, Michelle Hipskind focuses on dissecting the changes brought about by the 2019 SECURE Act, with particular emphasis on the elimination of the “stretch IRA,” which imposes a 10-year limit for withdrawals for those inheriting IRA accounts. However, the podcast also sheds light on exceptions like qualified charitable distributions for beneficiaries close to 70 and a half years old.

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Insight on Risks, Rewards, and the True Measure of Wealth with Dennis McKeever

Dennis McKeever has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh along with a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of California, Irvine. Dennis retired from Dow Chemical after a thirty-year career where he primarily served as a senior manager in Research and Development.   However, he also had two business management experiences – first as the manager of the Chemicals business for Latin America and subsequently as the VP for the

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