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From Global Sales to Local Impact: The Journey of Entrepreneurship with Edward Hayes

In this episode of the Owner’s Corner podcast hosted by Seth Whicker, special guest Edward Hayes discusses the intricacies of the sign business and his journey as a business owner. The conversation delves into the importance of understanding client needs and maintaining a consistent brand message, as well as the diverse industries served by Hayes Design Co. Hayes shares his transition from a global sales career to entrepreneurship, highlighting the challenges and rewards of taking over Burkhart Signs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasizes the significance of company culture and the responsibility of supporting employees and their families. Hayes reflects on his long-term vision for the business, focusing on regional and national expansion while prioritizing generosity and legacy-building. Throughout the discussion, Hayes offers insights into navigating business challenges, seeking counsel, and maintaining resilience in pursuit of growth and success.

About our guest, Edward Hayes:

Edward Hayes is an accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in software sales. Transitioning to a new role as the Owner of Hayes Design Co., he now oversees a design and in-house manufacturing facility that operates nationally, assisting clients in branding their locations to meet the unique standards of each brand. Under his leadership, Hayes Design Co. has established itself as a premier destination for clients seeking tailored design solutions that align with their brand identity and values. Hayes’ expertise in software sales combined with his passion for design and manufacturing has enabled him to drive the company’s growth and uphold its commitment to delivering exceptional branding services across the United States.

Summary and highlights from the show:

Transition to Entrepreneurship: Edward Hayes shares insights into his transition from a successful global sales career to becoming a business owner, driven by a desire for tangible impact and legacy-building.

Navigating Challenges: Taking over Burkhart Signs during the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges, including financial struggles and the need to establish a new company culture.

Cultural Transformation: Edward Hayes discusses the significance of fostering a positive company culture and supporting employees and their families, emphasizing the impact on morale and productivity.

Long-Term Vision: Hayes outlines his long-term plans for Hayes Design Co; focusing on regional and national expansion while exploring opportunities in e-commerce.

Resilience in Entrepreneurship: Edward Hayes reflects on the challenges of entrepreneurship, including financial pressures and the importance of remaining resilient in the face of adversity.

Seeking Guidance: The episode highlights the value of seeking counsel from business coaches and peers, leveraging their expertise to navigate challenges and drive growth.

Generosity and Legacy: Edward Hayes underscores the importance of generosity and legacy-building in business, aiming to make a positive impact on employees, the community, and future generations.

Balancing Business Priorities: Throughout the discussion, Edward Hayes emphasizes the need to balance various business priorities, including sales, manufacturing, financing, and employee management, to sustain growth and success.

Connect with Edward Hayes:

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