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SYM_Owner's Corner_Edward Hayes

From Global Sales to Local Impact: The Journey of Entrepreneurship with Edward Hayes

In this episode of the Owner’s Corner podcast hosted by Seth Whicker, special guest Edward Hayes discusses the intricacies of the sign business and his journey as a business owner. The conversation delves into the importance of understanding client needs and maintaining a consistent brand message, as well as the diverse industries served by Hayes Design Co. Hayes shares his transition from a global sales career to entrepreneurship, highlighting the challenges and rewards of taking

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image of podcast guest Dr Saghi Togashi

From Nursing to Quantum Healing: A Journey of Compassion and Technology with Saghi Togashi

In this episode of EmpowHER, host Michelle Hipskind sits down with Saghi Togashi, a quantum energy and Reiki energy facilitator. Saghi shares her journey from nursing to computer science to holistic healing. After experiencing challenges in the nursing field due to empathy overload, Saghi transitioned to computer science but always harbored a desire to help others. Her path led her to discover a quantum energy device that merged her technological background with her passion for

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A man with a smile is seen in a professional portrait. Text on the image reads: "The Owner's Corner, Steve Gundy, President Steve Gundy Coaching." The logo for SYM Financial Advisors is in the top right corner. The background is a gradient of dark colors, highlighting his commitment to special needs coaching.

Charting the Behavioral Landscape: A Journey of Compassion and Coaching with Steve Gundy

In this episode: Host Seth Whicker converses with Steve Gundy, a seasoned professional in behavioral health and owner of a coaching practice. Gundy shares his journey from his first job mowing lawns to establishing a practice that serves individuals with developmental disabilities, leveraging his personal and professional experiences to build a successful business. He emphasizes the importance of aligning with state regulations, the challenges of service delivery, and the personal fulfillment derived from genuinely helping

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A man with short gray hair and wearing a blue suit and white shirt is smiling at the camera. Text on the image reads "SYM Financial Advisors," "The Owner's Corner," and "Tim Early, CEO DreamOn Group." Ideal for business owners seeking expert advice.

Packaging Unwrapped: A Journey through the Medical Device Industry with Tim Early

In this episode of the Owner’s Corner, host Seth Whicker welcomes Tim Early, CEO of DreamOn Group, for a deep dive into his entrepreneurial journey. Tim’s story begins with a move from upstate New York to Florida, marking the start of his career in the medical device industry. His narrative is not just about career choices but also highlights his entrepreneurial spirit. Tim shares candid insights into his early attempts at starting several businesses, discussing

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A man in a suit is smiling at the camera. The text on the image reads "The Owner's Corner EP 19 Matt Roskuski." The background features a gradient of blue tones, creating a professional setting for business owners to gain insights.

Bridging the Gap: How Matt Roskuski Helps Companies Work as One

Owner of Status Go Consulting, Matt Roskuski, has over two decades of executive-level sales and marketing experience. He has worked for organizations of all sizes, from small privately-owned companies to global giants. His experience spans a diverse collection of industries including technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer products, ecommerce and healthcare.   Matt’s a native of Ft. Wayne and has a degree in Management from Purdue – West Lafayette. Early in his career, he spent nine years

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