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From Nursing to Quantum Healing: A Journey of Compassion and Technology with Saghi Togashi

In this episode of EmpowHER, host Michelle Hipskind sits down with Saghi Togashi, a quantum energy and Reiki energy facilitator. Saghi shares her journey from nursing to computer science to holistic healing. After experiencing challenges in the nursing field due to empathy overload, Saghi transitioned to computer science but always harbored a desire to help others. Her path led her to discover a quantum energy device that merged her technological background with her passion for healing. Through intuitive and compassionate work, Saghi assists clients in raising their vibrational energy levels for better health and resilience. She plans to train others in this approach and continue her mission of helping people, demonstrating a deep commitment to service and holistic well-being.

About our guest, Saghi Togashi:

Saghi is a dedicated practitioner at Isch Wellness, where she offers transformative experiences through her expertise in Healy Frequencies and iTeraCare TeraHertz facilitation, complemented by her proficiency as a Reiki 2nd Degree Energy practitioner and a 2nd Degree Taekwondo expert in self-discipline and balance. Drawing inspiration from Dr. Carol McMakin’s groundbreaking scientific principles outlined in “The Resonance Effect,” Saghi harnesses the power of frequency and resonance to guide individuals on their holistic well-being journey. With Healy Individual Microcurrent Frequency and iTeraCare Terahertz Cell application, she provides cutting-edge tools aimed at elevating physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, inviting individuals to embark on their transformative path towards optimal health and vitality.

Summary and highlights from the show:

Introduction to Saghi’s dynamic roles as a quantum energy and Reiki energy facilitator, emphasizing the enhancement of physical energy for overall well-being.

Balancing act between Saghi’s numerous responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and colleague, highlighting the challenges faced by many women in contemporary society.

Career transition from nursing to computer science due to the emotional strain in the medical field, driven by a desire to bridge healthcare and technology.

Personal struggles as a working mother, including the pivotal moment when her child faced a serious injury, prompting Saghi to prioritize family over career.

Shift to a stay-at-home mom role, actively engaging in school activities, fundraising, and supporting her children’s education and extracurricular pursuits.

Introduction to holistic healing modalities initiated by a neighbor, leading Saghi to discover a quantum healing device and reconnect with spirituality and technology for well-being.

Integration of nursing and computer science backgrounds to comprehend the science behind quantum healing, emphasizing compassion and understanding in healing practices.

Entrepreneurial journey fueled by a passion for sharing holistic healing methods, with a vision to train compassionate individuals as practitioners and extend these practices to others.

Future aspirations encompass expanding clientele, training more practitioners, and eventually retiring near the beach while overseeing the growth of her holistic healing institute.

Core motivation centered on helping others and making a positive impact, reflected in Saghi’s approach to holistic healing and her commitment to serving those in need with compassion.

Connect with Saghi Togashi:

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