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Charting the Behavioral Landscape: A Journey of Compassion and Coaching with Steve Gundy

In this episode:

Host Seth Whicker converses with Steve Gundy, a seasoned professional in behavioral health and owner of a coaching practice. Gundy shares his journey from his first job mowing lawns to establishing a practice that serves individuals with developmental disabilities, leveraging his personal and professional experiences to build a successful business. He emphasizes the importance of aligning with state regulations, the challenges of service delivery, and the personal fulfillment derived from genuinely helping others. Looking ahead, Gundy aspires to expand his coaching to support parents and young adults navigating the complexities of independence and self-reliance.

About our guest, Steve Gundy:

Steve Gundy coaches parents to guide their special needs young adults to be self-supportive and free from the daily struggle. He is a life coach and President of Steve Gundy Coaching, LLC, a private practice in Granger, Indiana. Steve Gundy Coaching is a Bureau of Developmental Disabilities certified provider, Vocational Rehabilitation provider and private service supporting those living with Autism and ADHD. Steve is passionate about exhilarating experiences and all things different. Steve’s mantra is to live life intensely and persevere!

Highlights from the show:

Journey in Behavioral Health:  Steve discusses the establishment of his private practice in Northern Indiana, which specializes in Medicaid behavior services for those with developmental disabilities, vocational rehabilitation, and private life coaching.

Lessons from Early Work: Reflecting on his first job, Gundy emphasizes the valuable work ethic he developed while mowing lawns, learning the importance of hard work, attention to detail, and integrity.

Path to Behavioral Sciences: Inspired by his mother’s compassion, Steve was drawn to psychology, leading to a master’s degree in social work and a career dedicated to helping others in the behavioral health field.

Professional Progression: Gundy shares his professional evolution from addressing sexual abuse cases to supervising foster care programs, and eventually providing home and community-based services.

Regulatory Alignment Challenges: The conversation sheds light on the complexities of adhering to state regulations and the necessity of balancing administrative tasks with client services in the behavioral health sector.

Vision for Coaching Practice: Steve outlines his future for his coaching practice, aiming to assist parents and young adults in the transition towards independent living and self-sufficiency.

Navigating Developmental Disability Services: He offers guidance on accessing services for developmental disabilities, stressing the importance of early intervention and persistent advocacy.

Business Leadership Advice: Gundy encourages business owners to embrace their individual leadership styles, recognizing that success comes from authenticity and understanding one’s personal approach to business.

Connect with Steve Gundy:


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