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Advantages and Disadvantages of an S Corporation

Many business owners assume that incorporating their business will be too costly or time-consuming, but this is not always the case. If you are just starting your business or have been operating as a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you may be wondering about the advantages of incorporating your business as an S Corporation.  In this article, we explore the tax-deduction advantages and disadvantages of the S Corporation. What Is an S Corporation? To form

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The Secret to a Successful Business Culture with Mauro Gregorio (podcast)

Mauro Gregorio joins me to describe Dow’s corporate work culture, diversity and inclusion program, and welcoming atmosphere. He recounts his first job and responsibilities at Dow and what he learned while holding an entry-level position. He explains the importance of humility, asking for help, and ensuring someone is there to help. Mauro also discusses how the pandemic initiated changes in the workplace—particularly in how we work—and how it disrupted the way we value work relationships.

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Investment Fundamentals Part 1: Remembering Years Past.

“There were so many big events competing for our attention this last year …,” said nearly every investor, almost every year, ever. We’re not making light of last year’s uncertainties. Inflation is real and lingering; we can’t rule out the possibility we’ll still see a recession instead of the hoped-for soft landing (although neither has been reported yet). Heightened levels of market volatility across stock and bond markets alike may have left you once again

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What It Takes to Lead a Team with Greg Marken (podcast)

Greg Marken is the President, CEO, and Treasurer at Advanced Emissions Solutions (ADES). ADES works with municipal water, coal-fired power generation clients, and other industries by providing emissions control and water purification solutions. Greg has been at the helm of ADES since July 2020. He also serves as a manager on the Board of Managers of Tinuum Group and as a manager and officer of other ADES subsidiaries. He has over 15 years of experience

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The Internet Told Me So

It goes by many names. On the scary side: fake news, disinformation, Cambridge Analytica, yarns. On the (typically) lighthearted side: realistic satire. We all know that much of the internet’s content is misleading, which can lead to a worrying insecurity about the facts we use for decision making. As SYM’s Chief Investment Officer, allow me to share a few of the primary techniques we use to guard our decisions against untrue input. This is not

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Understanding Equity-Based Compensation Packages: The Most Common Questions (FAQ)

Equity-based compensation is a powerful engine for wealth creation, but only if it is navigated thoughtfully and diligently. Managed improperly, it can just as easily become an engine for frustration, unease, or despair. As an executive’s career and compensation advance, there are more complexities to taxes, retirement planning, and wealth management goals to consider. Here are some of the most common questions executives have regarding the evolving terrain of their equity compensation packages: What is

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