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COVID-19 and the Markets (podcast)

This April 2020 podcast explores the coronavirus pandemic from the inside – literally. Observing proper social distancing protocol. SYM advisors Seth Whicker and Andy Popenfoose explore the economic conditions surrounding this time of uncertainty, including parts of the CARES Act and market responses.

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Protecting Against Identity Theft

In light of recurring news headlines about identity theft, it is important to revisit the critical importance of controlling those things in our financial lives that remain within our control. This includes partnering with companies who have a solid plan for your information security, and understanding the “worst-case scenario” if your personal data is accessed during a cyber attack. According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is at the top of the list of

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529 Plans Redux

Each year on May 29 the calendar reminds us of the 529 educational savings plan, and opportunities to fund the plan.  However, many people funded 529 plans years ago and are now ready to withdraw the funds for their intended use. Distributed properly, all the earnings in the plan can be income tax free as long as the funds are used for Qualified Higher Education Expenses (QHEE).  However, as is sometimes the case, the devil

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The CARES Act for Business Owners (webinar)

Listen to gain answers and guidance on the CARES Act, Paycheck Protection Program, and Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Panelists: Seth Whicker, CFP®, MS, Principal and Senior Financial Advisor at SYM Financial Advisors Contact: (260) 387-6822 Tom Ackmann, Principal and Senior Retirement Plan Advisor at SYM Financial Advisors Contact:  (260) 387-6822 Randy Brinneman, Senior Vice President at Ossian State Bank Contact: (260) 622-4141

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