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The EOS Advantage with Jill Young

Jill Young is the Head Coach and Expert EOS Implementer at EOS Worldwide. Having been an EOS implementer since 2014, Jill has implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System with over 80 companies and has held over 900 EOS consultations with entrepreneurs. She formerly managed the growth and health of Williams & Company CPAs as its President. She is the author of The Advantage book series, which includes The Courage Advantage, The Learning Advantage, and The Thinking Advantage. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Weber State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.


Jill joins me today to discuss the core principles of the Entrepreneurial Operating System and why business owners should consider implementing them. She explains the importance and difficulty of enacting change in leadership teams. She outlines how implementing EOS tools can help employees connect with an organization’s vision and build discipline and accountability. She describes what it looks like when an employee is aligned with a company’s core values and is assigned to the right role. Jill also underscores why it’s a gift to the entire company when an organization takes the time to hire around their core values and highlights why willingness to grow is critical to successfully implementing EOS.


“At the core of a company that attracts great talent is a leadership team tightly aligned with vision, discipline, and accountability.” – Jill Young


This week on The Owner’s Corner:


  • Jill’s background and career path to EOS Worldwide
  • What Entrepreneurial Operating Systems are
  • Jill’s experience reading Gino Wickman’s Traction
  • The disadvantage of being too nice and why leadership teams need to be truthful
  • The People Analyzer and evaluating an individual’s core value fitness
  • The “Delegate and Elevate” tool and finding the right person for the right seat
  • The power of hiring around your company’s core values
  • Fear, courage, and the founder behavior
  • What it takes to implement EOS successfully
  • The accountability aspect of EOS


Resources Mentioned:



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Find the right people to supplement what you’re not good at and design your leadership teams to be complementary to each other.” – Seth Whicker
  • “You’ll find that when you hire around your company’s core values, employee turnovers drop down to nothing.” – Seth Whicker
  • “The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a way to manage all the human energy within your company—it’s a set of tools you can use in your company at specific times throughout the year.” – Jill Young


Connect with Jill Young:



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