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What Is Life Insurance, and Do You Need It?

Life insurance is a sensitive topic. Nobody likes to sit down to discuss their mortality, but it is a conversation every responsible person should have. Life insurance can provide financial protection in the event a family member passes. There are many types of life insurance that could be considered for various stage of life, from birth to death. Who Needs Life Insurance? Life insurance can be a vital piece of a solid financial plan, particularly

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Roth IRA for Kids: Benefits, Eligibility, Investing

Here at SYM, our team gets lots of questions from clients about Roth IRA for kids. In fact, we have discussed the benefits of opening a custodial Roth IRA for the next generation before and covered the pros and cons in a separate article. Still, we wanted to take an in-depth look at some of the strategies for optimizing a Roth IRA for children. First things first. A “Roth IRA for kids” is a Roth

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529 Plans: A Secret Weapon for College Savings

529 plans are tax-advantaged savings accounts to save for your child’s college education. The technical name given to the 529 plan by the IRS is a Qualified Tuition Plan (QTP). Under this QTP, a contributor can prepay a beneficiary’s qualified higher education expenses at an eligible education institution — or contribute to an account for paying those expenses in the future. Distributions from 529 accounts are tax-free when used for qualified educational expenses. A great

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Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans at SYM (podcast)

Join SYM principals and financial advisors Seth Whicker and Tom Ackmann as they discuss what makes Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans unique. From fees and fiduciary to accomplishing your goals for your employees’ retirement, Seth and Tom explain how to look for and secure a truly trusted financial advisor.

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