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The Entrepreneur’s Path: Scott Holmes on Growth, Risks, and Retirement

In today’s episode of the Owner’s Corner Podcast, host Seth Whicker is joined by Scott Holmes, founder of ABI Attachments and Managing Partner at PivotPoint Company. Scott shares his journey from starting ABI Attachments to his current role in merger and acquisition work with PivotPoint. He discusses the importance of having a strong team, the challenges business owners face in preparing for sale, and the value of investing in infrastructure and strategic partnerships. Throughout the episode, Scott emphasizes the significance of being prepared, taking risks, and surrounding oneself with knowledgeable people to ensure business success and personal fulfillment.



About our guest, Scott Holmes:


Scott A. Holmes is an innovative entrepreneur and accomplished executive, known for founding ABI Attachments and serving as the Managing Director of PivotPoint Company. With a keen eye for identifying market needs and a passion for engineering, Holmes has successfully grown ABI Attachments into a leading manufacturer of quality attachments for tractors and ATVs, catering to agricultural, equestrian, and landscape industries. His strategic vision and leadership at PivotPoint Company further showcase his ability to drive business growth and foster innovation. Holmes’ dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction have solidified his reputation as a dynamic force in the industry.


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