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Women’s Initiative

image of podcast guest Dr Saghi Togashi

From Nursing to Quantum Healing: A Journey of Compassion and Technology with Saghi Togashi

In this episode of EmpowHER, host Michelle Hipskind sits down with Saghi Togashi, a quantum energy and Reiki energy facilitator. Saghi shares her journey from nursing to computer science to holistic healing. After experiencing challenges in the nursing field due to empathy overload, Saghi transitioned to computer science but always harbored a desire to help others. Her path led her to discover a quantum energy device that merged her technological background with her passion for

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Empowering Homeownership: Navigating Mortgages and Market Trends with Tina Bennett

In this episode featuring special guest Tina Bennett from Hallmark Home Mortgage, they delve into the intricacies of mortgage debt, discussing factors like interest rates, refinancing, and the importance of seeking guidance from a mortgage professional. Through an insightful conversation and practical advice, this episode empowers people to make informed decisions about their finances and homeownership. About our guest, Tina Bennett: Tina Bennett is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the

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A smartphone wrapped in thick metal chains secured with a brass padlock, symbolizing restricted cell phone access or data protection. The phone is placed on a white background.

What happens to your cell phone if something happens to you?

Imagine losing your cellphone. In an instant, contact information for everyone you know is gone. Thousands of pictures and other important information are locked away in thin air. Multi-factor authentication no longer works on many of your important accounts because you don’t have the phone that can receive the text/email/pin. If you are lucky, you have a backup plan that puts you back in operation in a day or two. What if a person dies

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Leslie Friedel, Chief Executive Officer of Stillwater Hospice, smiles in a blue top. The image features the SYM Financial Advisors logo and a green banner with the word "EmpowHER," highlighting her commitment to palliative care.

What You Should Know About the Messy Middle of Life Limiting Illnesses

We live longer but our capacity is diminishing and in practical care giving it’s not always clear who is making the decisions from day-to-day. As a financial advisor, I work with clients everyday who live in the gray space with their loved ones.  This is the messy middle, where caring for those who are perfectly capable one day, but then slowly diminishing the next, is a confounding effort. I am always encountering professionals who enlighten

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A promotional image for "EmpowHER - Financial Prowess for Women," hosted by Michelle Hipskind, CFP. Episode 9 features Lindsay Koler discussing Medicaid planning. The SYM Financial Advisors logo is at the top. Lindsay Koler is smiling and has a shoulder-length blonde hairstyle.

Strategies for Protecting Your Family with Medicaid Featuring Lindsay Koler

This podcast episode discusses Medicaid planning and how it can be used as an asset protection tool rather than just a last resort. Lindsay Koler, an elder law attorney, explains how Medicaid assessments and proper planning can help couples protect their homes and retirement accounts. She emphasizes getting powers of attorney updated and doing Medicaid planning well in advance of needing long-term care.   We look at whether someone needs help with activities of daily

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A promotional graphic for the podcast "EMPOWHER: Financial Prowess for Women," hosted by Michelle Hipskind. The background features a gradient from white to purple with Michelle Hipskind's photo on the right, smiling, wearing a green necklace and a dark blazer. Topics include planning for pets.

Ensuring Your Pets are Cared For After You’re Gone

In this quick but packed full of information episode, Michelle discusses the importance of including plans for your pets in your estate planning. Many households now have companion animals, so it is crucial to consider what will happen to dogs, cats, or other pets if their owners become unable to care for them or pass away. Michelle recommennds speaking with your estate attorney about setting aside funds and establishing guardians for your pets. She also

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