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Strategies for Protecting Your Family with Medicaid Featuring Lindsay Koler

This podcast episode discusses Medicaid planning and how it can be used as an asset protection tool rather than just a last resort. Lindsay Koler, an elder law attorney, explains how Medicaid assessments and proper planning can help couples protect their homes and retirement accounts. She emphasizes getting powers of attorney updated and doing Medicaid planning well in advance of needing long-term care.


We look at whether someone needs help with activities of daily living like feeding, dressing, taking medication to qualify for long-term care. – Lindsay Koler


This week on The EmpowHER Podcast:

  • Medicaid planning and long-term care options.
  • Medicaid planning and asset protection.
  • Strategies for Aging parents with limited income.
  • Spouses in long-term care.
  • Planning for long-term care costs.
  • Asset protection strategies.

Lindsay Koler was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She attended Concordia Lutheran High School, and then went on to graduate from Baldwin-Wallace University with honors. She was captain of the girl’s golf team at Baldwin-Wallace. She went on to receive her law degree from Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 2008.  Lindsay practiced law in Ohio for more than 7 years, before moving back to her hometown of Fort Wayne in 2014.  Helping others through difficult times is part of what drives Lindsay and inspires her.

Lindsay and her husband, Dale, owner of Fall Creek Homes, have three children. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys golfing, watching her kids’ activities, and being active in her church and community.  She enjoys spending time with her three siblings and all her nieces and nephews, who also reside in the Fort Wayne area. She is passionate about healthy eating and healthy living and enjoys cooking (well, most days!)

Our Favorite Takeaways:

  • Medicaid is often overlooked as a financial planning tool. – Lindsay Koler
  • Aging and In-Home Services perform the assessments that determine if someone meets the level of care for Medicaid waiver services. – Lindsay Koler
  • There are circumstances that are maybe non-traditional or don’t fit the stereotype of Medicaid, where planning and using Medicaid becomes a key element of generational wealth. – Michelle Hipskind
  • Knowing the Medicaid rules can help put people at ease if they ever need long-term care. – Lindsay Koler

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