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How a Values-Driven Culture Attracts Ideal Clients with Matt Schrock

In this episode Matt Schrock discusses the journey that led him to joining the family construction business, DJ Construction. He talks about how DJ Construction was started by his grandfather and uncle in 1954 and has grown over the decades to include an office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Matt describes DJ Construction’s leadership structure and how they ensure the right people are in the right roles. He also discusses the company’s focus on their core values of integrity, commitment, relationships, and excellence. Additionally, Matt explains how DJ Construction is putting a dent in the fatherless epidemic in their communities through strategic giving that aligns with their community impact purpose.


Matt Schrock has been involved full-time in the construction industry since 2012, all with DJ Construction. He has been in his current role as Vice President since 2019. As Vice President, Matt is responsible for Business Development efforts, Client-Relationship Management, and Community Engagement.


“I had to learn and I think:  I had to have a teachable spirit, which sometimes I’m better at than others, but I think that definitely buys some favor from the team showing you’ll do whatever is asked.” – Matt Schrock


This week on The Owner’s Corner:

  • Career path and growth in the family business.
  • Succession planning for a family-owned business.
  • Succession planning and contingency measures for a family-owned business.
  • Leadership structure and roles in a construction company.
  • Company culture and values in the construction industry.
  • Entrepreneurship, business, and family.
  • Opening a new office in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • Business growth and client relationships.
  • Family business dynamics and legacy planning.
  • Aligning the business for specific community impact.


Our Favorite Quotes:


“We like to be very, very collaborative. And I’ve learned that in some sales opportunities that we’ve missed on or over the past number of years, some clients don’t want that level of interaction, they just want us to bring them a solution.” – Matt Schrock


“My goal is to find what you’re passionate about, and then put you in that position where you can use that passion. Because then, it’s not a job that you come to every day, you look forward to showing it’s a career, it’s something that you really want.” – Seth Whicker


“The relational side of it is more of a factor to us than the exact size or scope of the project. We look for somebody that sees value in us as a partner.” – Matt Schrock


“I tell people during the hiring process, it might be a little laborious, it might take a while. But it’s just important for us, because we want to find employees who are going to retire from here. Yeah, we’re not looking just to fill seats. We want to make sure it’s cultural.” – Seth Whicker




Connect with Matt:


Email: matt@djconstruction.com

Website: https://djconstruction.com/


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